Friday, April 15, 2016

Special Free Event Coming Soon

Maria Rypan is well known in the beading community as a specialist of traditional Ukrainian beaded collars.  She has created a beautiful design using the latest Czech beads for a modern twist on a traditional style.  Maria is generously sharing this pattern with one of our suppliers, and so it makes its way to you, dear Customers.  Sylvia Abeyta has beaded up her own collar using this pattern and added a beautiful Czech focal button as the clasp.  This allows you to wear it with the button in front or back.  If you are familiar with vertical netting, you will find this fun and delightful.  If you are new to netting, then you will enjoy rolling up your sleeves and needling up.  We are here to support you during 2 Friday Happy Hours 4/22 and 4/29, 4:30-6 PM.  Please join us at one or both.  April 22nd is the first night of Passover, and so we will have the pattern featured for 2 consecutive weeks.  It is such a great design - we want as many of you to be able to join as possible.  We are happy to send  beads and the design to our remote customers as well. Just send us an email or give us a call.

We have lots of new honeycomb beads and daggers to give you ever more choices in planning your collar.
Stop in and see what's new.  

Click here for the supply list and join us!

Join us this afternoon for a first project with crescent beads.

Happy Hour 4/15 - Chrysanthemum bracelet
by Nichole Starman

Friday, March 18, 2016

Bead Crochet Club - Support and Inspiration

Julia's Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Wrist with a Twist

Our introduction to crochet class was jam-packed.  It was a sold-out class and Wendy and I stuffed as much one on one instruction into those 3 hours, as seemed humanly possible.  It had taken me about a month of struggling with this new technique to be able to create something uniform and pretty.  So, I was clear that unlike most classes, where you can leave with the technique under your belt, this was just the beginning.  Now, we have the next phase of instruction to offer.  Beginning Monday, April 4th, our book club is on hold so we can begin our next FREE ongoing event: Bead Crochet Club.  Anyone who has some knowledge of bead crochet is welcome.   I will be present every Monday night for one on one time with anyone who wants to move forward with bead crochet.  It is a great opportunity to  see how others deal with the same challenges, and push past a stuck spot.  Exchange advice, ideas, techniques, pattern resources, or just sit and crochet away.  This does not take the place of an Intro to Bead Crochet class.  I will continue to offer those to get people started.  It is intended to create a community of support and inspiration in bead crochet.  Our book clubs have been so successful in providing both support with beading techniques and inspiration and encouragement in moving forward and taking your creativity to the next level.  I know that we can provide the same for bead crochet.  

The Wrist with a Twist pattern above is a minor variation on the 3 bead spiral.  It is a 6 around pattern and easy to work up.  You can see that I created a new way to finish, that is fully beaded and no end caps are needed.  These advances and variations are what you can get on Monday nights, in addition to help with techniques.  Our Monday night club is from 6-8 PM.  There is no charge and no registration.  Just show up.  As usual, we have bead mats and lighting.  Please feel free to bring your own beads and products or purchase with us.  There is no obligation on your part.  

Remember - in addition to our scheduled classes with tuition fees we have 3 FREE ongoing events every week:
Bead Crochet Club - Mondays 6-8 pm - beginning April 4th
Wire Meet Up Tuesday - 1-3 pm
Friday Happy Hour - 4:30-6 pm 

Hope to see you soon!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Roped In By Ropes

I am all about beaded ropes these days.  Several months ago, I happened upon the beaded crochet ropes of Brigitte Iländer, of Germany.  They are an amazing amalgam of color and pattern.  I quickly realized that there is a level of pattern control and possibility that I wanted to master.  I purchased her book and realized that I needed a primer on this technique before I could jump ahead.  I used Candace Sexton's book and DVD to teach myself the basics (available at Poppyfield).  And in true medical training fashion (see one - do one - teach one) I am ready to teach you all and bring you along on my bead crochet journey.    Saturday, Feb 20th, 1-4 PM you can learn the secrets of the bead crochet rope using size 8/0 seed beads.  
Intro to Bead Crochet - Tri Color Spiral Bracelet by Julia Hecht

This is just the beginning, though.  Here is a preview of Brigitte's patterns from her book:
Click here to purchase her book
As we continue on our adventure, I will be sharing how to read bead crochet patterns, and how to work with thinner thread / cord, and smaller beads.  I have worked some rope with 11/0's and although 8/0's are definitely the way to start, it is pretty exciting to go smaller.

Other Ropey Happenings

I am preparing for my Seeds of Change Necklace to appear in the next issue of Bead and Button (It will be called Springtime Garden in the magazine).  This is an embellished kumihimo rope that I created in 2014 and taught at the shop a number of times.  It uses 2 holed SuperDuos and 2 holed Lentils in the braided rope in order to create a foundation for embellishment.  I am getting some color ways together to sell on our webstore, for remote beaders who can't come in and select the components in person.  To start, there will be a Pacific Forest color way with blues and greens, and a Champagne Garden color way with pinks and greens.  

Seeds of Change / Springtime Garden Necklace - Original Color Way
If you want to join in the Kumi fun, you can learn the ropes (Ha!) with us on Feb 20th 10-noon (for brand new braiders), and then how to add beads to your braiding on March 5th 1-4.  You'll be all ready to make your own Springtime Garden necklace when the magazine arrives in March.  You can call the shop or come by in person to register and reserve your place.  

Braiding with Beads - Intro to Beaded Kumi
Sat, March 5th 1-4 PM

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stitch of the Month Club

With all of our "free ongoing beading events" I've been able to make seed bead stitching accessible to so many people.  There are a lot of happy new beaders coming in every day with beautiful beaded works that they learned at our Happy Hours and Book Club. It is truly rewarding for all of us at Poppyfield to see your smiles and your crafts - we love Show 'n Tell.  Yet, many of you remark that you feel you really don't know a lot of stitches and because of that, you lack confidence with the wide range of beadwork patterns that are out there.  I must agree that if you can't throw down some herringbone, peyote stitch, brick stitch and right angle weave on demand, then you are missing the foundation of off-loom beading stitching.  

Stitch of the Month Club @ Poppyfield Bead Company

If you want to strengthen your foundation in off-loom bead weaving you will love our new Stitch of the Month Club.  Beginning in August and extending through November, I will be offering classes in basic and intermediate stitching based on the 4 bead stitches mentioned above.  Each month we will focus on one stitch.  My goal for you is that by the end of the month you will be comfortable with the stitch and understand its range and versatility.  Of course, you will have made some beautiful beaded jewelry - that goes without saying.  

Hip to Be Square Bracelet by Julia Hecht

We will kick off the concept in August with herringbone stitch. On Saturday, August 8th, I will teach a basic level herringbone bracelet in the "Hip to Be Square Bracelet" class.  Registration is already open for that.  I will follow up on August 22nd with a more complex herringbone necklace class (still in the making).  Throughout the month there will be more offerings and ideas using the stitch, including a Happy Hour or two based on herringbone.  In September, I will focus on brick stitch / Comanche stitch.  October will follow with peyote stitch.  Finally, in November we will focus on on right angle weave, including the modified RAW that Kate McKinnon illustrated in her Contemporary Geometric Beadwork books.  

How It Works

You're a member of the club if you say you are.  There are no additional dues or fees. You will receive emails about our classes and events and other special "Stitch of the Month" offerings.  Come to as many events as you'd like.  So, join us and  get grounded in the basic stitches.  With these skills, the sky's the limit and your beadwork (and confidence) will take off!   Stay tuned

August Happenings

We've got other classes and events planned including an Intro to Kumihimo on 8/1, 1:00-3:00 for anyone who is brand new to Kumihimo.  Follow up with Wendy's new beaded kumi rope pattern, Triple Triangles on 8/8 1:30-4:30, and her Moon Glow Pendant that shines from within on 8/29 1:00-4:00.  All these classes are open for registration.  Samples are out in the shop and pictures are coming soon.  Our ongoing Free Events continue - with Monday Night Book Club, Tuesday Wire Meetup, and Friday Happy Hour.  Find out details on our store website

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Bead and Be Happy

Greetings Beady Friends!   There is so much fun to be had in the beady world.  Nowadays at the shop, we have 3 free events most weeks.  We started our Monday Night Book Club with Lisa Kan's Bead Metamorphosis.  We have met and worked on the Trefoil Earrings and the Catherine Bracelet.  It has been a lot of fun, and great way to bring your beading up to the next level with support.  We are carrying the 2-holed Swarovski sliders that are needed for the bracelet.  They are a very cool product that we had custom set for us in Europe and shipped here.  We did run out of the  books, but we have 10 more arriving in the next week.  May 4th, we will meet to start the Encanto Necklace.  I expect we will also be working on assembling the Catherine Bracelet components - as it is rather involved.  Feel free to start a Catherine bracelet and join us 5/4.  

Lisa Kan's Catherine Bracelet in Gold and Emerald
Beaded by Wendy Speare
 For the next 2 Monday's,  book club is on hold, as everyone is working on their bracelets at home.  During this time, we have 2 classes that aren't free.  Ellajoy's Rings and Things (4/20 - a great all levels peyote stitch class) and my (Julia's) debut of Homage to Victor (4/27), an optical illusion loom bracelet with off loom embellishment. All levels are welcome.    Both classes still have some places available.  

Tuesdays we have our FREE wire meet up with Sylvia Abeyta 1-3 PM.  Everyone is welcome and all levels are appreciated, from never-ever to super star.  If you are considering branching out into wire work, this is a great opportunity for support and laughs!  It is low-key and friendly and a great way to see if you will enjoy combining beads with wire.  

Fridays is our popular Happy Hour event 4:30-6:00. We provide a free pattern and support in choosing beads and doing the project.  All levels of beaders come to sit and schmooze and bead away their cares of the week.  Often we have every seat taken.  We've had a lot of people wanting patterns who can't stay for the class.  We are sorry if the time doesn't work for you.  We still would like to inspire you to bead.    So, if you can't make it to the Happy Hour,  we can work out a way to provide you with a pattern after the Happy Hour meets.  Talk with us during the week about it.  We ask that you purchase the supplies with us.  We hope you understand - free for you, isn't actually free for us.  But we love to give you what we can.   This weeks project is Deborah Roberti's Garden Necklace.  Click here for the supply list.  

Deb Roberti's Garden Bracelet

Saturday 4/18 is the last chance to take the Seeds of Change, embellished Kumi rope necklace with me.  There is some homework that you must do prior to the class, so if you are thinking of taking this class, please don't delay in registering. 

Julia's Seeds of Change Necklace

Other Poppy News

We are still filling in the gaps in our Delica inventory.  More 11/0's in new colors that we have never carried are arriving in the next few days.  By next week will have all the colors still in production through the 1200's.  We have many of the later numbers - but not all.  Over the next several months we hope to complete our inventory. Our goal is to have every delica bead in production available for sale.  We do carry 10/0's, 8/0's, 15/0's and hex cuts as well.  

11/0 Slider Tube for Loom Work
I am experimenting with 11/0 Slider tubes for finishing loom work.  I am going to put this on my next Homage to Victor Bracelet.  These affordable findings are made  by Miyuki to fit over a row of 11/0 Delicas to neatly and securely finish off your loom work without breaking beads or using glue.  So cool - these findings are already available for purchase.

One of us has a project on the COVER of the upcoming Bead and Button Magazine. (Yay Wendy!)  We will be selling kits on our web store for the 2 color ways the magazine listed for this design  - we are sooo excited.  

There's always more to show and tell, some come in and ask us!  
Peace and Beads, y'all! 

Friday, February 6, 2015


Anna Lindell's Zipper bracelet was not a snap.  I shared this free pattern with our Friday Happy Hour group tonight.  We had an overflow class with 18 participants.  It is a lovely looking bracelet…but a little misleading at first sight.  Hidden underneath these zipped up triangles is a base of 1.5 mm cubes of right angle weave (RAW).  They are tiny and RAW is,… well, you understand.  Most of the group had no experience with this stitch and I have to say….they impressed me!  Every one of them got it. Our event is an hour and a half…a stop between work and dinner. So, only the speedy ones got those triangles on, and not one person completed the bracelet.  Next week we are continuing the class to pick up where we left off.   There will be more copies of the pattern and  you are welcome to stop in and check for empty seats to get some assistance.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the calls for "help" I couldn't help smiling at the situation. Our parking lot was full, every seat in the studio was taken, the cookies were being gobbled up, and slowly and painstakingly these lovely ladies were circling those cubes together.  Laughing and helping each other.  What a job!  What a life!  

Our Happy Hour Free Bead and Wire events are every Friday 4:30-6 PM in Studio Poppy.  There are cookies and gluten free snacks.  It is a friendly, low-key atmosphere.  You can find out the week's class and supply list at the Friday Happy Hour page on this blog. 
Come join us!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Quiet Calm

New Pip Beads are here!
Greetings Beady Friends!  I am excited about the beginning of another year as the Poppyfield Bead Company celebrates its 4th birthday.  All is well, and we hope you are able to join us for all the color, fun, and inspiration we have to share with you.

For me, the store is always exciting.  And yet, I have felt myself settle into a quiet calm.  I'll always be a New Yorker, and so when I say quiet and calm….it is relative.  It is noticeable, though.  Less rattles me these days. At work. At home. Everywhere.

I have figured some things out:
  • There are very few emergencies in life.  
  • I have choices.
  • I can't be diminished.
  • Love matters most. 
On the beady end of things…. It was a joy to teach my first loom classes and to see all the Magical Mosaic Bracelets come into existence.  I am working on two new patterns to develop into classes - a geometric loom pattern with off-loom edging and an embellished kumihimo rope that uses the new Pip beads.  
Our Happy Hour Fridays are back, and our Wire Meet-Up Tuesdays have never stopped.  We've got new Miyuki thread, 2 lb Fireline, and lots of new beads.  Next week we've got Wire Work classes with Melody MacDuffee and an African Bead Trunk Show, both on 2/11 and 2/12.  Check out our website at for ongoing events.  Don't miss out on Margo Field's newest class this month, and the beautiful new 12 mm twisted bugles we have for it.  Again, the website is now your best place for our news and events.  You can browse and shop for many of our products at our online store

Here's a preview of the loom-bracelet (in progress), Homage to Victor.  For more about this bracelet click here and you will be linked to the Mirrix Loom site where I am a guest blogger.  

Homage to Victor, Work in Progress
Peace and Beads, y'all!

Monday, October 6, 2014

All In Good Time

It is hard to believe four months have passed since my last post.  Of course, in all that time, much has happened.  We had a super Spring and Summer with our weekly Happy Hour every Friday.  There was so much great energy in the shop, and so many people working in the Studio.   We are kicking off a new Happy Hour season with my Day of the Dead Charm bracelet 10/17.  Click here for details about this class.    

The Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet
direct from the heart of New Mexico

I disappeared for about a month to recover from knee surgery.  It was a big deal and I learned a lot about patience, love, and accepting help.  I received cards and well wishes, and each one has meant a lot to me.  Today I am walking around and sometimes it doesn't hurt.  I work with a great team of physical therapists and my biggest problem is slowing down and not overdoing the exercise.  When I do, I end up back in bed, exhausted and in pain.  So I have had to learn to let it all happen in good time.  

I've also learned to stop fretting about timelines.  It seems that unforeseen obstacles appear whenever I become fixed on a deadline.  It is as if the Universe is telling me, "Stop it!  It is our schedule, not yours, you mere speck of a human."  So I can fight it and stress everyone out in the process, or I can relax into the reality that much is out of my control.  When I accept that, I am liberated to enjoy every sweet moment that is also truly occurring.  

Along those lines, I am happy to report that our webstore at is live.  I had planned for this to happen in March, and now it is October.  Getting it going has been challenging, frustrating, exciting and inspiring.  I gave up on my original timeline long ago.  It is live and you can definitely shop there online at any time of day or night.  It is still a work in progress.  For example,  you will notice that not all the categories listed are populated with products yet. That being said, we have a lot available online in the following categories:  CzechMate 2 hole beads (rullas, super duos, lentils, triangles), other Czech pressed glass such as O beads and rizos, and daggers, Swarovski rivolis and dentelles, and preciosa flat backs and banded rhinestones.  There are a lot of colors of  super nylon bead cord and a variety of charms, bracelet cuffs, AND more.   So look around.  Get familiar and watch our inventory grow!  Please note that it will be helpful to shop both using search for key words, as well as the drop down list under products.  There are still a few kinks we are working out, so please bear with us. Don't forget to read our terms carefully, as they differ from our in-store policies.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Glad to Be Home

Chandelier Dream Earrings

I have just returned from a glorious RV camping vacation to the dog beaches of Southern of California, with my kids and of course, our dog.  This was a brand-new experience for us…and after 2300 miles, I am tired, but happy.  I am rolling up my sleeves, and jumping back into the bead business

 I will be at our Friday Happy Hour tomorrow, and if you are local…I hope to see you there.  We'll be making some fabulous Chandelier Dream Earrings.  You can make them this long…or your own shorter versions.  Once you know the technique, your imagination will take you the rest of the way.  
Click here for the supply list.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stymied Again…But NOT!

Here I go again….Getting my webstore up and running has brought back a lot of memories from three years ago, when I first set up my new business.  Not all are good.   Every day I spend several hours trouble shooting technical issues with the web store.  This is why I have not gone "live" with it yet.  Surfing the web, it seems everyone and his brother has a web store.  So, why am I the "unlucky" one who can't seem to overcome technological obstacles?  In response,  I think about the health care web debacle, and I start to feel less unique.  I realize that hidden behind all the smoothly running shops, is the undisclosed history of how it all got going.  Unless there was a public mishap, or some reporting,  we see only the final "success".  

Usually, in the mainstream business and retail world, we don't share our struggles. But rather, we choose to present the finished, polished product.  We act as if struggling means failure, or stumbling makes us "less than."   I am sure there is some marketing value to this.  Everyone likes a winner and the impression of success can actually attract real success.  Perhaps also, in the historically "male" world of business, this is a form of posturing that men employ as a matter of course.  Maybe, women in business put on these same masks and hide our struggles in order to fit in and compete in the male domain .  Or maybe, we just let our fear driven egos get the best of us too.   

As I move forward into Phase II of my business, I am finding myself right back in the fear and uncertainty of dealing with new and unforeseen obstacles.  But I can see that three and a half years later, I have grown.   Instead of my ears ringing  in panic with each snafu,  I think about what is being asked of me.  Instead of viewing problems as the enemy, against which I must do battle,  I now view them as my guide. Perhaps leading me elsewhere.   When hiking, we walk around the thicket and follow the trail between the obstacles.  We don't begrudge the tree or the boulders that block our path.    

Most recently, I've come to feel that through my frustration, I am being guided into compassion and softness.  I feel connected to the many others like me who are working to find solutions and overcome obstacles.  I believe I am also being guided back into creativity and beading as way of side stepping the technological barriers before me.   I had put so much of my creative expression on hold in order to get the website and webstore going.  I sorely miss that magical part of my life.  I will still sort out the technical glitches. But, today, I realize that I cannot make this the focus of everyday's work.  It will happen in the background, while I put my creative life back in center.  You will have to stay tuned, to see what I mean, when we do finally go live.  

Meanwhile, I look forward to being back in the glow of creativity, wrapped up in that radiant energy, where time stops and the heavens shower me with inspiration, like divine confetti. As I write, the vision becomes clear.  I see, spread out before me,  little beady pools of color and glimmering light.  I must go, now.  You understand.  


Fleur du Jour with Margo Field
2 Saturdays, 6/14 and 6/21
1 - 4 PM, $55

This lovely necklace can be worked up in many flower variations.  We have 2 on display in the shop. Stop in and be captivated.  

  • Wire meet-up with Sylvia Abeyta - Tuesdays 1-3 PM
  • Friday Happy Hour -  4:30-6:30, free pattern and refreshments every Friday throughout the Spring and Summer.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bead Embroidery Update

Flatback Buddah by Julia Hecht

Bead embroidery never gets old!  It is one of my favorite forms of beaded expression.  I start out with an idea, and let it flow, morph and grow into the finished piece. Sometimes, it is not at all what I'd planned.  I made this pendant in an evening.  It uses some of our newest products:  Preciosa 8.5 mm flat back crystals, a luminescent resin cabochon (18mm),  O Beads and seed beads.  I edged the piece with O beads and secured each one with an 11/0 seed bead.  If you've ever thought about trying bead embroidery, I encourage you to JUST DO IT!  If you want to learn how to capture a cabochon with a peyote stitched bezel,  like the one here, I have a tutorial that will explain everything (Introduction to Bead Embroidery).  You can purchase it for $15.  There are lots of photos to help you along. Any of us at the shop can also give you guidance, if you need. 

Other ways to learn bead embroidery are some of the great books by the masters.  We have Jamie Cloud Eakin's new book, and books by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.  Leah Ready will be teaching an all levels bead embroidery class, Penchant for Pendants, August 9th...but you really can get started sooner.  If you have some bead embroidery skills, then you are ready for the next trend…Shibori silk bead embroidery.  Incorporate this amazing colorful pleated silk into embroidered creations. We are lucky to have a local expert.  Leah Ready's Shibori Heart Pin / Pendant, Saturday May 17th  is the first step in working with this material.  This class will get you ready for the next level of Shibori bead art -  the Shibori cuff bracelet.  


Our website is now LIVE at   After lots of hard work…it is up.  Online shopping at our webstore is coming soon.  We are just ironing out the kinks. We will ramp up gradually - a lesson we learned from our government's mistakes.  You will be able to shop online at  You can access the site directly with this URL, or from the homepage at or even from this blog.  


Curious about Kumihimo?   Come learn this easy braiding technique that has taken the bead world by storm.  Our Intro to Kumihimo class on Mon, May 19th 6-8 will get you in prepared to create beautiful beaded kumihimo ropes.  You will be using the foam disk loom and satin cord to learn braiding, and finishing techniques.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to make your way into the world of KUMIHIMO!

Coming soon!  Margo Field's new necklace.  Stay tuned - we're choosing dates now.  


Wirework Meet-up with Sylvia Abeyta, Tuesdays 1-3
Just show up - for "twisted fun" and lots of laughs
It is a laid-back, unstructured way to learn wirework skills.  

Happy Hour Fridays 4:30-6:30 
Free patterns, demos, refreshments every Friday throughout the spring and summer.  No registration.  Just show up.  

New Products…Just in…
  • 6 sizes of brass cuffs (.25"-2")
  • Flat back crystals
  • Rhinestone chain
  • Banded rhinestones - in color
  • Luminscent resin flat backs
  • Our fireline is fully stocked 50 yds at $9.75
  • New colors of Czech O Beads
Remember Monday night is late night…
We are open until 8 PM

Hope to see you soon!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leather - My New Frontier

In line with my last post on beginnings, I continue to push against new Frontiers.   As part of my Mirrix Loom Journey I am experimenting with leather.  I do feel excited and yes, even a little naughty!  Why? Because I am venturing out of my old paradigm of bead stitching.  Leather is something I just know nothing about, and so I have crossed into a new world.  I was not raised to be adventurous…but rather to stay safe and comfortable.  So, every time I take steps into the unknown, I feel this way.

In addition to Elena and Claudia, who lead the Mirrix loom company and chose me to participate in their Social Market project,  I have to thank my Native American customers who do traditional beadwork using a loom, and those that make garments for dancing and ceremony.  Many will come into my bead shop asking for leather, and I would turn them away, because I didn't sell it, and I knew nothing about it.  But, as I seek ways to finish my loom work into jewelry, the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is about to converge on Albuquerque.  Native People from around the Americas are arriving and I am blessed that many find their way to my shop.  And so, I was driven out in search of leather.  

I am fortunate to live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where google maps pointed me to a leather supply shop just minutes from my home and my shop.  I stepped inside the store, and immediately, I wanted to wrap myself in soft tanned hides and inhale the comforting aroma.  After questioning or perhaps "badgering" the sales assistant and about an hour of roaming up and down the aisles, I left with 2 complete cowhides the color of deerskin, some lace and cord, and the tools to cut,  punch, and create eyelets.  (Soon I will be selling cowhide strips and squares in my shop).  

I perused cyberspace to get some ideas for the finishing, and I just jumped in.  Here's my first attempt.

My first piece of jewelry from the loom

The bead work is my own pattern and woven on the Mirrix loom using S-Lon bead cord to warp and  11/0 Delica cylinder beads.  The bead on the "tie" was a gift from my mom.  I used Nymo thread and glovers #6 needles to sew the loom work to the leather - don't even attempt with a beading needle.   I like it. But, I know, this is just the beginning! It is a nice way to close, because it is adjustable, I can manage the tie with one hand and slip the bead up to tighten.  But it does loosen over the course of the day.  So I will be continuing my experiments with leather and with finishing loom work.


Tomorrow, Friday, April 25th from 4:30-6:30, we will host our next Happy Hour event.  A free bead pattern for the bracelet pictured here will be available.  There will be coffee and cookies (including gluten free), and a relaxed fun atmosphere for beading and socializing.  We will have our resident wire expert, Sylvia Abeyta for assistance, if you'd like to twist instead.  Come join us.  You can check out our newest products, including luminescent 18 mm resin flat backs in lots of colors.  Perfect for bead embroidery. They look great with our new Shibori silk ribbon.  Click here for a link to the free pattern supply list.  


Crystal Flatbacks 
More Rose Montees (including 3 mm and 4 mm)
Plastic Banded Crystals - Neon Colors 

Hope to See You Soon!!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Being a Beginner

Greetings Beady Friends!  I've started my Mirrix Loom Journey.   In exploring a new piece of equipment, and a new technique, I've re-discovered what it feels like to be a beginner.  Oh, to know nothing, be completely confused, move awkwardly, and stumble.  Oh, to jump in with both feet, and swim about making mistakes, un-doing, re-doing and wondering if I will make something beautiful, ever…with this machine.  How is it that the lovely beads I once thought I knew, are working up into absolutely un-pretty things, ugly even? 

But here's the beauty of it…I'm free to fumble and dance about being absolutely new and fresh at it.  I can laugh at how goofy my work looks, and smile at my ignorance.  I am reminded of traveling alone in foreign countries, a thing I used to do when I was young, but haven't lately.   It is simply thrilling to boldly go where I have never ventured.   Just doing something new is a victory!  When was the last time you pushed yourself against your own frontiers to seize a new discovery?  

Every Friday at our Bead and Wire Happy Hours (4:30-6:30 pm) we are offering friendship, fun and a chance to try something new.  Tomorrow I will demonstrate how to make the bird's nest pendants / earrings with wire and beads.  Even if you've never worked with wire, these cuties are worth a try.  Bring wire and tools if you have them…However, most of the work is done with your hands, so even if you don't own tools, come anyway and borrow from me or a friend.  We have loads of wire and beads, of course.  Mix them with charms to celebrate Spring!

Bird's Nest Pendants / Earrings
Free Demo at our Happy Hour Event

Also New…
  • Our Shibori silk ribbon is in stock… This Japanese method of dyeing and pleating silk results in absolutely gorgeous combinations of colors.  Many bead artists are incorporating shibori silk into jewelry designs.  I've started a Pinterest Board with a collection of samples.  Click here to see astounding creations using Shibori silk.  Then come on in and pick some up to play with.  If you want instruction on how to work with Shibori silk, we have a class for you.  Leah Ready's Shibori Heart Pin / Pendant on Saturday 5/17 will get you set.  

Just look at that silk!
Shibori Heart Class with Leah Ready

  • We are now carrying every Delica bead still produced up to #800.  We do have hundreds of colors past #800…but some we don't have and now that a local Delica supplier has closed, we are filling in the gaps.  We predict we will be carrying up to 300 additional new colors over the next 1-2 months.  

  • Miracle Beads from Japan in 4 mm rounds.  Amazing brilliant colors.  While it's true these are plastic…think "light and beautiful Japanese beads".  We plan for more sizes if we see an interest.  

  • Swarovski rivolis in 16 and 18 mm.  We have expanded our repertoire.  Sixteen millimeter rivolis are hard to come by, but we have a few, and we have our eyes open for more.  We've now got plenty colors in the 18 mm size.  They start as low as $3.95.

Coming Soon…
Our proper website and soon after, our webstore.  I am working on it….

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Share in the Excitement

Mirrix Starter Bracelet
Free Pattern
Greetings Beady Friends,

I just received word that I was selected to participate in the Social Market for a Mirrix project with Mirrix Looms.  I have been wanting to understand loom weaving, but haven't found the right forum until now.  I am a loom NEWBIE and I told them so.  I will be learning the loom under their guidance and I invite you to join with me on my Mirrix Loom Journey.  This will be a 9 month excursion onto a new beading path.  If you click the link below you will see why they chose me.    I will be humbling myself before the great Loom-god in the sky and asking for help as I embark on a brand new adventure to learn a brand new set of skills.  I will be posting about my experiences here and on Facebook and Twitter.  There will be free patterns and instructions.   I hope you will join me.  Click on the caption to the left for a first free pattern from the Mirrix website.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Buds Bursting

garden poppy blooming
"heart" opening
Greetings Beady Friends,

I must talk about Spring.  Our new clock time has arrived just as the fruit trees in Albuquerque are blooming.  Explosions of delicate blossoms are all about town.  Meanwhile, most trees remain bare and I still have a wonderful view of the Sandia Mountains from my home.  It is that quiet, warming, tease we get, here.  We go out without jackets and sometimes with shorts. Our gardens are begging for our attention, and we want to bend towards the earth to jump start them to their natural beautiful conclusion. But, before we can slide into summer, the winds will pick up and we will be accosted by tumbleweeds,  dirt in our ears, and dusty yards.  We will hide indoors, and shrink away from the sound of rustling branches and rattling windows.  We will see the sun shining in our vast blue sky and become impatient with another unsettling Spring day.  Then suddenly, it will be hot, and quiet, and our summer, if not the calendar's, will be upon us.

I usually brace myself for Spring here - it seems so changing and unpredictable.  This year I will try to enjoy every moment of it.  Wild wooly winds will not unhinge me.  Tumble weeds rolling under my car will not derail me.  I will cozy up inside with family and friends.  Perhaps I will bead and blog while the weather rages outside.  I will also go out into the mess of Spring to notice hatchlings and bursting buds, butterflies, and bees. I will let my hair be blown and my eyes water up with the wind.

I will let Spring swoop me up and I will not resist the light and renewal that is offered.  Like the hard-shelled seed that cracks to let the fragile, light-seeking cotyledon emerge, I will take the risk to grow… and I welcome all fellow travelers who are ready for their next ride.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."   -- Anais Nin

Let us become a field a flowers.

Bead on, dear friends.



Please note our new hours starting this week!
Monday 2-8 PM (no change)
Tuesday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm
Saturday 11 am - 4:30 pm
Sunday CLOSED (no change)

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Leaping Forward

I don't understand those people who find a path and stay where they are headed.  They make life look so simple and straight forward.  And good for them, I say.  I am sure, in reality, they meet all kinds of obstacles and overcome all sorts of challenges.  I had planned such a life for myself, as well. But if you've followed this blog, you know bits and pieces of my story.  It is a twisting, turning story, full of ups and downs and sprinkled with a few crises here and there.  Nonetheless, it got me where I am today, and where I am is leaping forward.  (That is, when I am not taking a step back.)  

I've had to make big adjustments in my life, in order to remain here with you folks.  Everyday I continue to make adjustments.   I've explained that  I am on a healing path and that means I make choices for my wellness.  I used to resent that I cannot just blithely  "keep going" like other people can.  I have to "check in" with myself more than once a day.  Often, I detect that a small change is needed.   Sometimes I have to slow down, sometimes take action.  If I ignore the subtle messages, I get slammed.  Sometimes, then I need a big shift.  

How's it going? I am doing ok.  I am still here, both as a person, and as the Poppyfield Bead Company.  Have y'all noticed that the "beady environment" here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe is shifting and changing?  I know I can feel the energy in some of my customers.  Some bead shops are closing and there is shock, sadness, anxiety, and nostalgia.  Some other shops are carrying more products.  Some lower prices, others raise them.  Some niches, are becoming over exploited - lately it seems every where I turn someone is selling Japanese seed beads. Just my luck!  

As I've learned with my health, I am making adjustments.  Here is some of what you can expect to see in the coming months:

  • Expansion of Czech seed beads - we have 10/0's and 13/0 charlottes in more and more colors, and a few 11/0 one cuts.   Czech 12/0 tricuts are next
  • Expansion of Swarovski  - 4 mm bicones are now available in some usual colors such as Fire Opal AB, Heliotrope, Indian Sapphire and Red Topaz.  More colors are on the way, especially my favorites - anything double AB (AB2x).  Over time we will continue to expand in sizes and shapes, including more chatons, dentelles, and rivolis.  
  • Expansion of delicas - We know you love your delicas. We have hundreds of colors in 10/0's, 11/0's, 15/0s and 8/0 hexes. We plan to carry more and more.   
  • More patterns and kits for sale - Part of what makes us unique are the creative talents of the people who work here.  You'll see more of our patterns for sale, both as instructions and some with kits.  
  • Web Store -  Many people have asked and some have begged us to sell our products online.  So, I am going to give it a try.  We are renovating some of the space next store to run a webstore with online ordering and shipping.  We are shooting to go live  sometime this spring.  I'll be keeping you posted.  
What isn't changing?  
  • We will still seek the newest products - such as O Beads, Half Tilas, Super Uno's, Rizo's,  Rullas, Spikes, Studs, Thorns - we have all of the above in lots of colors. 
  • We will still carry the newest colors - such as Picasso hybrids, neons, and permanent frosted metallics, and whatever else is on the horizon.
  • The best selection of Japanese seed beads anywhere within hundreds of miles.   We are always getting  new colors!  So check out our "NEW SEED BEAD" table.  
  • We will still offer great customer service and help you become successful with bead and wire work.  
So come in on and leap forward with us!  We look forward to seeing you.  


A Penchant for Pendants - All Levels
Bead Embroidery with Leah Ready
Sat, 3/22 2-5 PM, $45

 Click here for details on this and all our upcoming classes!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Beads and New Classes for a New Year!

Mary Frances Seashore Purse
Greetings Beady Friends!  Poppyfield Bead Company is abuzz with activity these days.  We've been making room for new products and new ideas.  If you walk into the shop you'll notice changes right away.  We have new displays with beaded delights.  We are showcasing our upcoming classes, as well as the growing repertoire of past classes with patterns for purchase.  In addition, you will be struck by the beautiful beaded purses by Mary Frances that are for sale.  These are hand-made collectors' items, so come take a look.

 I am now carrying Czech seed beads.  We are busy getting them priced and hanging.  We've expanded our 13/0 charlottes selection and have some beautiful and unusual colors such as pink ceylon, green opaque iris, and slate blue.  I have a full array of 10/0 hanks of all the traditional opaque colors.  I've even managed to find some 11/0 one cut / charlottes.  Over time I will be adding Czech tri-cuts and more sizes, colors, and finishes.  So, if you are looking to match your beads on hanks, come on in and see what we've got.

Half Tila's are Here !!

These are 2-holed beads that look like little bricks (see the earrings pictured above).  They are half the size of regular Tila's and dare I say, very very cute.  We've got several colors including some metallics, and many more on the way.  Speaking of Tila's....more Picasso finished Tila's have arrived including a turquoise and lapis picasso.  Our Uno selection is growing and if you want to see some  in action, check out the Love Is In The Air Earring class pictured below.

click HERE for details

Love Is In The Air Earrings w/ Julia Hecht
Saturday 2/8, 1-4 PM, $35

Valentine Charm Bracelet w/Julia Hecht
FREE class
Saturday, 2/1 1-3 PM
Registration Required
No Experience Necessary

Boogie Woogie Bugle Necklace w/ Margo Field
Saturdays 2/22 and 3/1, 1-4 PM, $55

We've got lots of wonderful Swarovski Heart beads, and new heart charms - so you can spread the love that's in your heart.  


Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's That Time Again...

Greetings Beady Friends!  It seems holiday season is already upon us.  I can already feel the energy changing.  Those lazy last days of summer are gone now.  Even our beautiful sunny autumn afternoons have a crispness that says "get busy".  Beaders here in New Mexico are well into making gifts, ornament covers, and Native American regalia (traditional garments and religious items) for holiday festivals. I am gearing up for the holidays with new inventory and FREE CLASSES ideal for quick and beautiful gifts. 

Last Chance for Margo Field's Joias Bracelet - it works up quick and makes a gorgeous gift for the holidays.  TOMORROW, Monday 11/11 6-9 PM, $35.  We still have a few places left.  Give us a call after 2 PM and reserve your seat with a credit card.  

CHANDY FEST EARRINGS  Tuesday, 11/19 6-8 PM, Instruction is FREE as $10 to register includes a $10 gift card.  
Stop in after work and make these beautiful chandelier earrings that showcase the latest daggers from  the Czech Republic.  Learn to wrap loops with 24 gauge wire using side drilled beads.   I have everything you need at Poppyfield…chandelier findings available in pewter or gold plate, a wide selection of daggers, wire, and tiny bicones.  

RADIANCE BRACELET - INTRO TO MICRO-MACRAME - Tuesday, 11/26 6-9 PM - instruction is FREE as $10 to register includes a $10 gift card.  I created this sparkly square knot bracelet to welcome you to the world of micro-macrame.  

CHRISTMAS / HANUKAH DE-LIGHT CHARM BRACELET - This popular class will be offered twice:  Tuesday, 12/3 6-8 PM and Saturday, 12/14 9-11 AM.  $10 to register includes a $10 gift card.  Practice your wrapped loops as you dangle lamp work holiday beads and charms, flowers, crystals, and whatever else you'd like.  Christmas version shown here.  I also have some great Judaica charms to make a Chanukah gift, and if you take the first class, you can get one made before the last candle burns.    


  • New Seed Bead Palettes -  I put new beads out just yesterday
  • 3 mm Druks in wonderful colors, including matte iris, picasso finish, matte metallics….and more
  • Czech 2 holed bead studs in new colors - see the cover of the current Beadwork Magazine 
  • Glass THORNS - the latest shape … just arrived!
  • Miyuki Hybrids in size 8/0
  • New Superduo Colors in Neon and Pastels - new colors arrive every week
  • S-Lon MICRO nylon bead cord
  • Miyuki Picasso Hybrids in size 6/0
  • TILA Picasso finish Hybrids

Monday is late night - We are open til 8 PM

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We have so many wonderful new products just in and great classes scheduled! I easily get wrapped up in the excitement of it all.  Sometimes, I will find myself zooming to the store with a one-track mind.  I can become frustrated with whatever gets in my way.  Recently I was on San Mateo Boulevard heading south to the shop when I found myself stuck behind a bus in the right lane.  It stopped and I was forced to stop too.  Frustrated, I lamented my fate - wasn't this why I left New York City?  Grrrr.   As I sat there, a string of people climbed down the steps and headed on their way by foot.  Others were lining up to get on.  I noticed that some of these folks did not look so healthy or well-situated.   The bus pulled away from the curb and we proceeded on our way, me creeping along behind my ungainly leader.  Again, it stopped.  I sat in my air conditioned car, well-fed, and comfortable, and waited to head to my beautiful business.  This time I looked closely at the situation and I was suddenly grateful for all that I have and how blessed my life truly is.  I took a deep breath and felt my shoulders drop and my grip on the wheel loosen.  My whole body relaxed.  As the bus moved on down San Mateo Boulevard, I took my turn west towards Poppyfield Bead Company.  I was humbled, and at peace and no longer in my whipped-up frenzy.  

Nowadays when I find myself on the road, impatient and full of myself and how I NEED to get somewhere, I look for the nearest city bus.  I pull behind it and ride a few blocks - We stop, I breathe, and give thanks.  When I get my dose of humility,  find my center, and "chill out",  I patiently change lanes and move on with renewed calm and appreciation.  Sometimes, being stuck behind a bus is just what we need.    

That being said...Here's what's so exciting:


11/0  Delica Beads with a Permanent Galvinized Matte Finish - If you like our DF and PF series of seed beads, you'll love these new beads.  If you don't know what I am talking about, come on in and ask us.


These are two-holed concave lentils.  We have a great selection of colors to get you started including a gold dabbed light emerald, silver, matte copper, and turquoise picasso (and MORE).   You can see piggies in the inner round of embellishments, cupping other beads in this beautiful medallion found on a Hungarian bead blog   (  

A beautiful ring pattern using piggy beads called Piggy Linda  is available for purchase from Europe  HERE.  The pic is locked and can't be shared.  But you can see it on my Modern Beadwork board on Pinterest HERE.


These beads have a unique and brilliant finish.  They are not exactly my idea of pastel, but they are gorgeous nonetheless. They are begging to be used with Piggy Beads and Swarovski crystal pearls.  My wheels are spinning!

Day of the Dead Charms and Beads

Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet 
Free Class Offered

We have a great selection of these charms from a variety of fabricators.  Use basic wire work techniques to mix these with glass beads for a Day of the Dead treat.  If you need some guidance, sign up for our Day of the Dead Charm bracelet FREE class.  You must register to attend.  Check out the details HERE.


 Let It Snow by June Malone

Click HERE to see this amazing ornament class 
and our other October classes.  


Congratulations to 
  • Linda Hirtz for her blue ribbons at the NM State Fair. She took home 2 and a Best In Show.  Keep on Beading, Linda!
  • Bobbie Yoakum for her wonderful cat bracelet in Bead and Button Extra.  Yay Bobbie!  

***Remember - Monday is late night - We are open til 8 PM***
Hope To See YOU Soon