Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Gifts at Your Fingertips

There's still time for handmade Christmas gifts.  At our final Friday Happy Hour of 2017, I will be demonstrating some quick, easy, and fun gift ideas using our seasonal earring kits, charms, rivolis, and cup chain.  So, don't give up your goal of some personalized gifts.  There's definitely still time.  Here are some ideas...

Some (but, not all) of these require basic wrapped loops... So bring your wire tools if you have, or purchase with us.  You can also join us for some refreshments, and finish up some projects you are working on.  
Hope to see you...


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Matubo Inspiration Free Patterns

MiniDuo Hoop Earrings by Nela Kábelová
Beaded by Sylvia Abeyta

During my first year away from my medical practice, before I owned a bead shop, I took a year to focus on creating. I spent many hours beading in isolation in  my "bead room" in the basement.  What I learned during that time was that the more time I spent down there, the more creative I became.  Sometimes, the juices were flowing and I would bead throughout the night, and go to sleep as dawn was breaking.  It was an ecstatic experience with my own inner artist. I was on a high.  But as my creativity flourished, so did my isolation grow.  My life became focused only on family and art.  I felt empty of meaningful work that I had experienced in my medical career.  I wanted to find a way to put my skills to good use for the community. 

My own journey with beads was about self-healing.  I had discovered beads while recovering from serious post-partum complications that affected both my body and my mind.  When I finally made my way to stitching (from stringing), I found new light and sweetness in the darkness and pain of my illness.  

During that first year that I stopped doctoring in 2009-2010, I attended a workshop at the NM Small Business Association on starting a small business.  There, I was pushed to think about what my "mission" or purpose would be with my business. No one gets rich with beads and so individual beaders who decide to make beadwork their business don't do it for the money.   
It is a labor of love, for sure. 

At the time, there were plenty of bead shops in Albuquerque, and I had no intention of pushing my way into the beading ecosystem that seemed so in balance.  I fantasized about having a shop one day.  But I planned to wait for one of the shops to close, and then fill that niche that was already established.  In the meantime, I would explore what my purpose and goals were
 in a "beading business".  

What I discovered at the NMSBA workshop was that my mission was to "Make beading accessible".  I realized that I wanted anyone who wanted to give bead stitching a shot, to have a place to do that.  A place where they would be supported, encouraged, and welcomed.  That's why I love beginners! I knew there would be others struggling with the darkness and pain that life can present.  Perhaps some would also find bead stitching a balm.  Perhaps they would find solace in a bead mat with little piles of sparking colors, like I had.  

Months later, when Margo Field announced she was closing her shop, I took this unexpected opportunity to give my fantasy a go.  Over the 7 years of Poppyfield Bead Company's existence, access to beading has continued to be my goal.  We have 3 free beading events every week.  Beginners are welcome and encouraged at all of these:  Monday's 6-8 PM Book Club and Open Beading, Tuesday's 1-3 PM Wire work Meet Up, and Friday's 4:30-6:00 Happy Hour.  There's no registration. You just show up.  

When I see others in the business, who relish the opportunity to share freely and create access to beading, I enjoy supporting them, and spreading the joy.  The Matubo company has clearly devoted resources to make beading patterns accessible.  Their "Inspiration" web page has plenty of patterns. Of course they, like I and all the others, need to sell our beads.  It's how we stay in business.  But, at the same time, it is obvious that making beading accessible is an important part of their mission.  

Tomorrow's Happy Hour pattern is available on their webpage here
It is a great pattern for the holidays, because it works up quickly.  And...depending on your color way, you can turn these into Christmas wreaths.  Come join us, and enjoy some time inside our rainbow.  Meet some nice people, have some laughs, and make something new.  
You might feel even better than you already do.  

Supplies Needed

**Available at Poppyfield Bead Company**
Bead Bundle available online here

Matubo MiniDuos (40)
4 mm Druks or Pearls (20)
3 mm Fire Polish (20)
11/0 Japanese Seed Beads 
15/0 Japanese Seed Beads
Horseshoe Thread Protectors (2)

Earring Wires
Beading Needle

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Winter is Here

SuperDuo Snowflakes designed by Nela Kábelová
Beaded by Sylvia Abeyta

I do believe it is getting wintry!  Santa Fe and Taos are expecting snow in the mountains tonight.  
Come celebrate the season with us at our 
Friday Happy Hour event:
December 8th,
4:30 -6:00
We'll be making these clever (and easy) earrings using SuperDuos, seed beads, and drops. This is a great pattern for new bead stitchers.  The pattern is free to the public from Matubo beads, the creator of SuperDuos and many of your favorite Czech pressed glass beads.  
Click the link here and scroll to the bottom of the page to find the pattern. You'll notice this link has a wonderful selection of great patterns, all free to you.  We carry many Matubo products and have hosted many Happy Hours with these patterns.  Enjoy!

Do you want us to send you the beads for this project?
click here to purchase the bead bundle and free pattern

Supplies Needed

**Available at Poppyfield Bead Company**

Matubo SuperDuos Color A
Matubo SuperDuos Color B 
11/0 Japanese Seed Beads 
3.4 mm Miyuki Drops
Jump Rings (2)

Earring Wires
Beading Needle