Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Day, Another Creation

Herringbone Weave Bracelet by Julia Hecht

Monday night was a wonderful event creating more Bright Angels. The free wire class had a few people out at Poppyfield despite the cold. We were warm and toasty and weaving away with colored wire, beads, and tiny tiny 2.5 mm bicones. We had a lot of laughs. I am always inspired by sharing my designs and seeing what y'all do with them. Tuesday I was busy working up another potential project and created this wonderful herringbone bracelet. Now it's a class...
Introducing a beginner level wire class - Herringbone Weave Bracelet. It is a one session class for $25. I will teach it on Monday Jan 16th 6-9 PM, and Saturday, Jan 28th 1-4 PM. Choose one session only. It is a great technique that works up well with the beads I've chosen for the class. I think you'll dig it! If you've been wanting to try some wire work, this class is for you! No experience necessary. Stop by to see the bracelet in "real life" or call in and register with a credit card- we can email you the supply list and you don't even need to come out in the cold.

Poppyfield Gallery Lives!

Before I opened Poppyfield I tried my hand at selling my work at craft shows. That's tough going. I applaud all my customers who labor at this. It really is hard work and requires a lot of stamina. Setting up the retail bead shop has been my primary focus this year. Recently, Henri has really encouraged me to get my work on display for sale. Now it is! We have a gallery area set up with my seed bead, wire and strung jewelry. I am pleased to say that it is selling, and to Beaders, no less. That's a great compliment. Margo Field also has some of her work on display for sale. Help us spread the word about the gallery!

Angel with a Story, Postponed.

Sorry folks - turns out I am needed for a family matter and won't be able to do a free wire class on Dec 12th. Stay tuned for a repeat of this popular free class in the New Year. Angels are not just for Christmas. We need them everyday.

New Seed Beads Arriving Soon.
I've ordered some new colors in size 11's - I'll let you know more when they get here!

40% Sale Winding Down
A lot of sale beads have gone - perhaps forever. This is your chance to get a GREAT bargain on Czech beads. If I reorder, they will not be at the sale price. And some are no longer being made. Don't miss out! Come in and see what we've got left.

Don't Forget - Grab N' Go Gift Bags - pre stuffed with all kinds of tools, supplies and books for your soon to be crafty friends and family. Share your love of craft with this hassle-free gift idea. The bags are all ready - so when you get down to the wire and tired of shopping - give us a call or come by and we'll hand you your gift bag. Each one is a bargain and contains a gift card.

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seasonal Delights

Grab 'n Go Gift Bags - Already Stuffed

We've had a busy busy weekend at Poppyfield. Henri and I have been holed up at the store getting ready for the holiday season. We have some exciting changes and fabulous offerings for you. Hints are visible from the street - even before you pull into the parking lot. What do I mean? You'll have to come and see that for yourself.

Some things of course I'll tell...
I am really pleased to announce that we've added a Gallery for purchasing finished jewelry. Margo Field and I will both have work on display for purchase. There are items for sale starting as low as $12. As I started un-packing my work to set up, I was struck by how much beautiful beadwork I've made over the years. Since buying Poppyfield, I haven't done any seed bead work. But seeing some of my creations inspired me to find a way to get beading time in. I am determined that you will see some new creations in the new year.

Grab 'n Go Gift Bags -
Share Your Love of Craft

We've got 4 pre-stuffed gift bags available to make your holiday shopping EASY! Each bag is filled with products along a theme, to help a newbie get started with a craft. We've got a bag for wire, seed beads, metal stamping, and stringing. Each bag comes with a book, and necessary tools. It is hard to pick colors for someone else, so instead, we've included a gift card for $10 or 15 dollars - that's part of the package. Each bag is a bargain, and costs less than all the items purchased separately. Plus, you don't need to stop and think about what to put in it. We've done all that for you. Just let us know at the counter and we'll hand over your ready-to-go gift bag. There's no gift wrapping necessary. It's ready to GO and ready to GIVE.

Chain DeLIGHT Earrings

Drop Everything and TWIST -FREE WIRE CLASS
Tuesday Nov 29th
1-2 pm

They're brass and tin and red and green. I just can't help myself. Everyone is into Poppyfield colors these days, and it is contagious. Long chain earrings are HIP, but if you want something shorter, there's an alternative version. This project requires a few inches of chain, stick pearls, and 3 mm pearls, 24 g. tinned copper wire. Tools needed are round nose, chain nose, cutters, and nylon jaw pliers. Everything is available at Poppyfield. Of course, you are welcome to substitute the materials with your own ideas. I have several different styles of chain.

Bright Angel Ornament

Leave Work and TWIST - Evening Free Wire Class!
Monday, Dec 5th 6:00 -8:00
Bright Angel Ornament

The notion that I could teach both Bright Angel and Angel with a Story in 2 hours was snipping off more than I could twist. So, I've decided to start with Bright Angel next Monday night. I'll plan on doing Angel with a Story on Dec 12th. So if you want a free class and some great gift giving ideas, come join us! You are welcome to bring a bite to eat so you can twist with vigor!

Margo's Giant Poppy Ensemble Jan 14th and 21st


40% off Select Czech glass beads, charlottes, cathedral beads, and Czech seed beads. Come see what we've got. I am sure some of these beads are no longer available. Some are quite expensive (like the metallic charlottes and some of the strands of glass) and I won't be re-ordering them anytime soon. So, when they're GONE they're GONE. Some already have GONE.

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

Last week during our Pot Pourri show and tell I was inspired by the soldered wire earrings one of the attendees was wearing. Part of the earring was spindle shaped with tiny rondelles wrapped across it. Next thing you know, I was making my own "Pod Earrings" with fuschia crystals. It is a simple shape with simple wire coiling and a sweet little dangle. Today I spent hours trying to "enhance" it by adding more parts. The result... well... "the U word". So, I won't share. In the end, simplicity wins. So Tuesday's DRop Everything And Twist class is:
(materials at the end of the post)
Pod Earrings by Julia Hecht

Pod Earrings
Drop Everything and Twist
Tuesday 1:00-2:00
Studio Poppy
Followed by Open Beading 2-4 PM

The New Mexico Rivoli Fan class was not only a bargain ($10) but a BLAST! Several customers have come in with their finished earrings, ready to make more - they are so quick and fun - who can resist those rivoli's and crystals? A great gift idea for the holidays. Toldja!

Margo's Ornamental Poppy classes are were really fabulous. There was an incredible variety of color schemes. I love to see what others put together. Some that I would never choose, just look amazing! Tomorrow is the first session of the Giant Poppy Ensemble. There are still a few places left, if you want to join us. See the classes page on this blog for details. Some of you are waiting for the Saturday class. It is scheduled for January 14th and 21st. It is now open for come on in to Poppyfield, or call with your credit card. Don't miss out on this seed bead extravaganza.

New Poppy Products
The microcrystalline wax is finally here! A 2 oz cup is probably a lifetime supply. So, if you liked Diane Fitzgerald's double stranded and waxed technique for stitching, come on in and pick up your wax!

New beautiful top drilled glass drops from Czech Republic - in a variety of sizes and colors - now hanging at Poppyfield.

Wire Department Overflowing!
We are now stocked to the brim with great colors of artistic wire - Chartreuse, Plum, Fuschia, Peacock Blue, Red, Lemon and Tangerine - not to mention those variety packs of 26 wire in tons of brilliant colors. Of course we've got the basic metals - low cost copper coated - non-tarnish brass and silver, copper, and gold tone.
Pod Earrings Materials List:
20 g wire - 16"
24 g wire - 6"
26 g wire 7 feet
40-60 2.4 mm bicone crystals
2 earring wires
Tools: Chain nose, round nose, nylon jaws, flush cutters,
bench block and hammer recommended as we are hardening the wire

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pot Pourri

Tomorrow's Drop Everything and Twist Wire Class is "Project Free" - A POT POURRI

I noticed some of the regular attendees have taken my projects one step further and put their own personal stamp on them. Come share what you've done with the techniques you've learned. Bring your work to display. Be proud and show us!! I will also be available to help with any of your projects and help work on techniques. Wondering why your loops just won't center or how to start spirals with tiny tiny centers? Having trouble with weaving? Come get "straightened out"
1:00 at Studio Poppy

A large shipment of Artistic Wire and Beadalon Tools is expected today - so if you are missing some of that great colored wire - stop in and pick some up tomorrow.

OPEN BEADING: Tuesdays 2-4 PM
Come bead with friends! Learn a new technique! Share your beady wisdom!

Only $10 New Mexico Rivoli Fan Earrings 6:00-9:00 tonight!
Still a few places left. You must have the Laura McCabe book, Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski. I am sold out, but I am told you can download it off google or amazon.

Margo's Giant Poppy Ensemble still has places available - if you took the Ornamental Poppy Class you are eligible for this class. Next session is next week!
Nov 21st and 28th 6-9 PM. $40. Call to sign up with your credit card, or come by the store and pick your beads. We've got a great selection of 27 mm Rivolis which is the center for this gorgeous flower. Check the classes page for pics.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Poppy History!

Julia and Diane Fitzgerald at Poppyfield Bead Company

What a wonderful weekend!!! Diane Fitzgerald shared so much with us in Studio Poppy. Forty students had the opportunity to learn from this beadwork pioneer and master. Of course everyone learned the projects they had registered for. But, treasured just as well, is the passing of pearls of wisdom and experience. These precious nuggets just don't translate from books or magazines. You've gotta be shown. In the tradition of women's arts, it is the passing of expertise and the sharing that happens when women come together to create. It is an "oral tradition". We are so fortunate that in our modern world, we can"fly in" someone like Diane. I believe, all of us opened our eyes a little wider and stretched our wings a little. As beaders, we can approach our passion with new skills, new ideas, and new confidence.

As a bead shop owner, this weekend just brought me to a whole new level. It was a rite of passage to host someone who has been a seminal figure in making beadwork accessible to all of us. Not only did I get a sense of the history of modern beadworking in America, but I suddenly felt a part of that history. From Diane's stories over dinner and in the short car rides, I also got to learn a little bit about bead life outside of our New Mexico enclave and see how we fit into this bigger picture. And if I learned anything from the classes, it is that I need to have some microcrystalline wax for sale. Don't worry, it is on the way.

Bright Angel Ornament by Julia Hecht

Tuesday, November 8th, 1:00-2:00
Studio Poppy

While everyone was beading up their mysterious Tropical Baubles, I was working on tomorrow's Drop Everything and Twist Project. I got so many calls requesting another class on Angel With a Story, that I decided to stick with Angels. Here she is... "Bright Angel". She is 4" long from spiral to spiral - and designed as a Tree Ornament - though you could wear her if you like large pendants. It isn't possible to make her in an hour - but it is possible to learn all that you need to make her. So plan to stay a little longer, if you can. See the end of this post for materials list.

Night of Angels!
Evening Free Wire Class - Drop Everything and Twist
Monday December 5th 6-8 PM
Bright Angel and Angel with a Story
These make great holiday gifts!

Come bead with us!
Assistance is Available

Come sit in our lovely Studio Poppy and work independently or with friends on your beading projects. It is always fun to have ALL the colors available as your creation unfolds. You are welcome to join us anytime we don't have a class. Check the classes page for your schedule or give us a call at the store. Free and no need to register. Just show up.

Upcoming Classes

New Mexico Rivoli Fans with Julia Hecht over half full. If you are considering this class don't wait. We are almost out of books!
Monday, Nov 14th 6-9 PM
$10 - Learn to Bezel Rivolis!
Fabulous Beginner Class
You will need the Laura McCabe Crystal Book

Giant Poppy Ensemble with Margo Field
Nov 21st and 28th, 6-9 PM
Ornamental Poppy req'd as a pre-requisite.

Supplies for Bright Angel Ornament
18 gauge wire 36" (armature)
26 gauge wire 5 feet (skirt)
26 gauge wire in same color as armature - 2 feet
22 gauge wire 6" (dangle head pin)
size 11 seed beads 1-2 grams for skirt
2.5 mm bicones 20
Accent beads for dangle
tools: round nose, chain nose, nylon jaw pliers, and flush cutters

Peace and Beads y'all!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Brrr- Get Ready!

NM Rivoli Fans by Julia Hecht

Chilly New Mexico Mornings have arrived!!! That means the busy holiday season is right around the corner - actually its HERE already. At Poppyfield we are READY to help you with your GIFT-MAKING. We all know that seed bead artists love to make and give. But our passion is slow going and time consuming. It is hard to seed bead up enough gifts for all our loved ones and friends. I've been working on carrying products and offering classes that can help you make wonderful, QUICK (relatively speaking), personalized gifts for the holidays. Check out the following ideas for your holiday gift planning:

Mixed Media Medallions
Mixed Media Medallion: Use a glass cab and paper graphic to create a unique pendant. Peyote stitch a beaded bezel and make a wire or beaded bail. Bead a rope or hang from chain. ALL these supplies are available at Poppyfield - Including glass cabs in a variety of shapes and sizes (restocking this week), ultra suede, wire, chain, and all your beading needs. Instructions for this project available for $25 (hard copy) or $20 pdf version.

Stamped Metal: As I posted last time, I am now carrying supplies for all your metal stamping needs. Alphabets in a variety of fonts, design stamps, blanks, hammers, metal hole punches, rivets, and bench blocks. I also have the "Metal Stamp Bible" (Lisa Niven Kelly's book) for all you self-starters. It is amazing what you can do - Say it with Jewelry! Click here for pics and more about stamped metal jewelry.

Rivoli Earring Class Nov 14th: ONLY $10. Whip a pair of gorgeous Rivoli Fan Earrings (seen above) in less than 2 hrs. OK -first time might be a little slower, but I can make one earring in 45 min. Learn to bezel a rivoli and embellish it with bicone crystals. These make great gifts. This class is great for all levels and beginners are welcome! You must have the Laura McCabe Crystal Book - buy at Poppyfield or Bring Your Own Book. Your choice.

Paula Adams New Ornament: Check out Paula's website for this amazing 2 sided Christmas Tree Ornament that uses 27 mm Rivolis. I have 'em starting at $9.50 - so come and see. New Color just arrived: Crystal Red Magma!

Drop Everything and TWIST - Free Wire Class Tomorrow -Angel with a Story
Tuesday, Nov 1, 2011 @ 1:00-2:00

Angel With A Story by Julia Hecht

I've been exploring TWINING, a basket-making technique that is sometimes used in wire weaving using the book Fabulous Woven Jewelry by Mary Hettmansperger. Here is my DRAT project - an Angel who carries her story within (Don't we all??). This project calls for 3 feet of 20 gauge wire for the vessel armature, wings and wrapped loop, and 3 feet of 26 gauge wire for the weavers (that wrap around). Your angel's story is your choice - a bead or stone or piece of writing - whatever. I used a 12 mm Swarovski pearl in Tahitian. A 3 mm crystal bicone makes the heart. Tools required are round nose, chain nose, and nylon jaw pliers, flush cutters and FINGERTIPS. My fingers were my most important tool for this one.

Storyteller Vessel Pendant by Julia Hecht

Some of us have a lot of stories. If we don't share them, they can get heavy and weigh us down. So come be with friends, take a load off and make something NEW during the free wire hour -Drop Everything and Twist - sometimes you end up feeling lighter than when you came.

Please Note: Open Beading Tomorrow (Nov 1st) is on your own after 2:30. Come bead with friends from 2:00-4:00. However, if you need help with a project please get in touch by phone or email to set up an appointment with me (Julia). Margo also offers help for her class projects by appointment. So let us know!

New POPPY Products
3mm Rattail (satin cord) in a gorgeous array of colors
Copper chain
New Books: Big Book of Bead Patterns, Art of Bead Embroidery (Kummli and Serafini)

Coming Soon
Glass Cabs in a Variety of Sizes and Shapes (arriving this week)
Brass Chain
Diane Fitzgerald - IN PERSON, arrives on Thursday - Still 2 places left in Tropical Bauble - see the classes page for more info.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Say It With Jewelry!

Come Stamp With Us!!!
Poppyfield Bead Company is now a well-stocked center for all your stamped metal needs. I am now carrying several metal stamp fonts, base metal blanks, rivets and all your tool needs for creating personalized jewelry like the pendant above. My daughter Hannah designed this stamp to celebrate her love for our cats Skye and Jasmine using an enamel charm and her imagination, and supplies at Poppyfield. The techniques are simple, and require just a little practice. I will be doing a free demos on Tuesday 10/25 from 1-2, instead of free wire class. I will also do a demo on Halloween evening from 6-7. So you can still get your trick or treating in. I will show which tools you need and how to use them to make a variety of stamped pendants. Personalized jewelry make great gifts for the holidays. You do have to buy the tools and stamps, but then you are basically set and the sky's the limit for what you can do with just a few blanks and rivets. Books and design stamps are on their way as well, and hopefully, they will be here for the demo.

Drop Everything and Twist Free Wire Hour tomorrow is postponed because Solange is on vacation and I will be at the register tomorrow. Open Beading is from 1-4 tomorrow and I can help with any projects when I am not with customers.

Crystal Burst Earrings Neuvo /Viejo Mexico Style
Many of you have asked for my Mexican Fan Earrings using rivolis instead of beads.I've been saying, "It is my version of Laura McCabe's Crystal Burst Earrings." I now have "The Laura McCabe Crystal Book". The basis for my earrings are in this book. On November 14th 6-9 PM I will teach my version, Mexican Fan Rivoli earrings using her book. The cost for the class is $10, plus you will need the book. You can buy the book at Poppyfield or bring your own. If you are a new beader looking for a sensational way to break into seed bead work this is for YOU! You will get a lot of guidance during the class and leave with peyote bezeling techniques for working with rivolis and know how to do crystal embellishments. You will have a fantastic book with 65 projects by an extraordinary bead master. Best of all...You will be well on your way into our beady way of life.

Poppy Product Update
A lot of my new products are related to the metal stamping I mentioned: Brass head hammers, heavy duty cutters for riveting, metal hole punchers, diamond coated files, and bead reamer set. I also have the wire rounder for making French earring wires that you can put through your ears safely.

Now in stock by request: The new and updated Beader's Companion (the spiral bound reference book).

Class Update

Seed of Compassion Necklace by Julia Hecht

There are still some places available in the Seed of Compassion Necklace with me on Saturday. This necklace is a seed bead and wire fusion class that is a lot of fun. If you want to learn some wire techniques to apply with tiny beads this a great class for YOU. You won't even need to thread a needle! It meets Saturday 10/22 and 10/29. The cost is $40.

Margo's Ornamental Poppy Necklace has sold out (Oct and November classes). She has a supplement class called the Giant Poppy Ensemble that you can take if you have taken the Ornamental Poppy Class. In addition to the Giant Poppy Necklace with the 27 mm rivoli center, this class includes earrings and bracelets. Nov 21st and 28th 6-9 PM, $40.

Giant Poppy Necklace by Margo Field

Monday, October 3, 2011

Hoop La La!!

DROP EVERYTHING!!!! Tuesday 10/4, 1:00-2:00

Tomorrow's DRop everything And Twist (DRAT) FREE wire class will be these sparkling filigree-ish hoops. They are so "ooh la la" fabulous. I will teach wire wrapping and weaving and crystal embellishment. They also include a simple loop and spiral in the design. It is a great way to build your wire skills so you can follow magazine and book projects and take more advanced wire classes down the road. Check the end of the post for the materials. No need to register. Just show up!

Hoop La La Earrings by Julia Hecht (2 color ways shown)

Some of you have seen my wire and crystal bezel for rivolis that I am currently developing. These earrings are based on the bail design for that project. So, if you take this free class, you will be building your skills for an upcoming elaborate design class that I will be offering soon. Plus, it is a bit of a sneak preview.

Drop Everything!!!!! Monday 10/10, 6:00-8:00 PM

Firecracker Ring by Julia Hecht - Kit Available

Birthday Butterfly Pendant

Next Monday evening (10/10) Poppyfield will host a free wire class in the evening. I will teach the Fire Cracker Ring and the Birthday Butterfly, in that order. Click on the project name for more details about each. I will have ring kits available with everything you need to make one ring for $8.50. The class itself is free. No need to register. Just show up! The materials for these classes will be listed at the end of this post.


Seed of Compassion Necklace by Julia Hecht

Seed of Compassion by Julia Hecht
Advanced Beginner Wire and Bead Fusion Class
2 Saturdays: 10/22 and 10/29, 1-4 PM, $40.

Moorish Tile Beaded Beads

Moorish Tile Beaded Beads by Diane Fitzgerald (Guest Bead Master from MN)
Intermediate Seed Bead
One day workshop: Saturday 11/5, 10-4:30, $85

Tropical Bauble by Diane Fitzgerald

Tropical Bauble Pendant by Diane Fitzgerald (Guest Bead Master from MN)
Intermediate Seed Bead
One day workshop: Sunday 11/6, 10-4:30, $85
Pre- class homework - you can start this project the day you register!

Ornamental Poppy Trilogy by Margo Field

Ornamental Poppy by Margo Field
Intermediate Seed Bead Class
Registration open for Saturday class: 11/12 and 11/19, 1-4 PM, $40.

Now In Stock and Ready for Your Enjoyment!

  • Size 15 Galvanized Seed Beads in 6 Colors (Tooo Gorgeous!) - Perfect for Margo's Ornamental Poppy
  • 27 mm Swarovski Rivolis in 8 colors: Crystal AB, Fuschia, Aquamarine, Peacock Eye, Montana, Chyrsolite, Summer Blush, and Emerald - Get 'em while they last!
  • Candy Corn and Skulls Handmade Glass Charms (limited supply) - $1.50 and up.

Mondays are Late Nite at Poppyfield - We are open until 8:00 PM
Tuesdays are Open Beading 2-4 PM - Come Bead With Us! Help with any bead or wire project.

Supplies List for DRAT Free Wire

Hoop La La Earrings: 18 ga wire - 10.5", 26 ga wire - 30", 2.5 mm Swarovski crystals (30 or more depending on hoop size), 2 earring wires. Tools needed (please bring or plan to buy - we can't rent or lend -sorry): Round nose, chain/flat nose and nylon jaw pliers, flush cutters, jump ring mandrel is helpful.

Birthday Butterfly: 18 ga wire - 24", 2 colors of 26 ga colored wire (about 18" each color). 24 crystal bicones (2.5 mm) in 2 colors, and an accent dangle that uses one glass flower and a 4 mm bicone.
Tools: round nose, chain nose, and nylon jaw pliers, and jump ring mandrel. We are hardening by hammering so a chasing hammer and bench block are recommended.

Firecracker Ring: Ring base with single loop, 22 ga wire -36", 6mm bicone crystals - 10, size 11 seed beads, 1-2 grams, one glass teardrop bead - hole top to bottom.
Tools: round nose, chain nose and nylon jaw pliers.

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

News Flash

Margo's Ornamental Poppy Necklace Class on Mondays October 17th and 24th has SOLD OUT!

Stay tuned for announcement of the Saturday Class dates for this project as well as the *Giant Poppy Supplement Class for a gorgeous focal flower using a 27 mm rivoli
and 10 sculptural petals.

*You must take the Ornamental Poppy Class to be eligible for the Supplement Class.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Birthdays and Butterflies

My cake with 48 candles!

Birthday Butterfly by Julia Hecht

Today's Drop Everything and Twist Free Wire Class from 1-2 PM is ON! Just hatched my Birthday Butterfly - see pic. She's cuter than the photo. Trust me.
This sweet creature is made of 18 ga wire, and 2 colors of 26 ga colored wire (about 18" each color). 24 crystal bicones (2.5 mm) in 2 colors, and an accent dangle that uses one glass flower and a 4 mm bicone.
Tools you will need are: round nose, chain nose, and nylon jaw pliers, and jump ring mandrel. We are hardening by hammering so a chasing hammer and bench block are recommended - Remember, I cannot lend tools (sorry!) So either bring or plan to buy.
All materials are available at Poppyfield.

Open Beading Tuesdays 2-4 PM.
I am available to help you with your projects or beading "problems".

Margo's Ornamental Poppy Necklace October 17th and 24th has 3 places left. Don't miss out.!!
Margo's Watch YOur Step Bracelet is this Saturday from 1-4. Another Margo Classic you can do up in many variations.

New Poppy Products Available
27 mm Swarovski Rivolis - Margo is planning an Ornamental Poppy Supplement with these to create a giant 10 petaled Poppy!

8 mm Swarovski Faceted Rounds

Our Czech Fire Polish and Pressed Glass is Growing - Come see
8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, and 14 mmm Fire Polish now hanging for your perusal and purchase!

Hope to see you soon.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healing Power of Beads

Ornamental Poppy by Margo Field

This 9/11 post has too much potential for I am just going to say that I was deeply affected by the attacks. Ten years later I am grateful that I am in a much better place. Life is full of struggles, but I am blessed to see the golden nuggets of beauty that seem to always be there. Many of my customers share their own personal struggles with me and I feel privileged to be part of the pleasure of their lives. Several of my customers are living with life threatening illness, others are severely debilitated. Some are grieving losses through death or broken relationships. One of my customers survived hurricane Katrina, another just lost her house to fire. Still people come to bead - we wipe our tears and go on. If you make it to your local bead shop, its a good day. I used to go to Margo's shop on bad days - just being around the beads cheered me up and gave me hope. Creating something beautiful is a healing thing. All you brave and struggling customers give me courage every day, in ways you don't even know.

Seed of Compassion (Topaz) by Julia Hecht

We have 2 new classes at Poppyfield. "Seed of Compassion" is my thread-free necklace inspired by Diane Fitzgerald's Tropical Bauble on display for her November 6th class. The day I made this, I was mad (and rightfully so!). With this necklace, I took my own anger and and while I decorated the "seed", I contemplated compassion and from it came a beautiful creation. This is how beading heals me. This 2-session class is offered on Saturdays October 22nd and 29th from 1-4 PM for $40. I used 26 gauge wire, rather than thread, and used it both to connect beads and as decorative element. It is a lot of fun to make and goes much quicker than bead stitching - yet it has all the beauty and intricacy of size 15 seed beads and 2.5 mm Swarovski bicones.

Ornamental Poppy Trilogy by Margo Field

On Mondays October 17th and 24th from 6-9 PM, Margo is teaching Ornamental Poppies - gorgeous poppy flowers with a rivoli center and size 15 seed bead sculptural petals. Check out the leaves and netted rope! You have the option of a single poppy focal flower or the trilogy version. This class is also $40.

Other Poppy News!
You will see the shop is shaping up, as today we added our new fixtures from Borders. I will finally be able to unpack the rest of Margo's fire polish and pressed glass inventory and expand the findings and crystal in ways I would like. Stay tuned to see how Poppyfield continues to blossom!

More Compassion!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Instant Elegance

Instant Elegance - Inspired by Eni Oken's Follies Chandeliers

Ta Dah! Just born... a project for Tuesday's DRop everything And Twist Free Wire Class. I spent hours last night working on something ELSE that seemed like a great idea. I did 2 versions and they are both UGGGHLY! So, today, I scrapped it and started over on something completely different. This is a chandelier earring that utilizes herringbone weave. I got the idea for this design from Eni Oken's earrings called Follies Chandeliers in a book I have at the store called Contemporary Wire Jewelry. The book has a lot of great ideas - but each one calls out to me "change me up". Eni's version is with rondelles and looks very ethnic with long drops. My version is a cleaner elegant look - (hence the name). Once you learn the design and techniques it will be so easy to change it up into your own style.

I will sell these exact beads individually for the class so you don't have to buy whole strands to be able to make the earrings. Of course you are always welcome to bring your own beads.

Supplies you will need for one pair of Instant Elegance Earrings:
2 14 mm faceted round beads
6 matching faceted tear drops (hole from top to bottom)
6 contrasting 4 mm pearls
2 earring wires
14" 22 ga wire
5 feet 26 ga wire

tools: round nose, chain nose and nylon jaw pliers, flush cutters

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring your own tools or plan to buy before class. I CANNOT lend tools. I have everything available at Poppyfield right now, except the nylon jaw pliers. They are expected to arrive on Wednesday.

Tuesday 1:00-2:00 in Studio Poppy
Followed by Open Beading
Everyone Welcome
Bring Your Own Tools or Buy on the Spot

REMEMBER: Monday is late night at Poppyfield - Open til 8:00 pm.
Tomorrow Free Wire Class at 6:00 - Wheels of Alchemy. See the previous post on this blog for details and picture.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mood Changers

Wheels of Alchemy Earrings by Julia Hecht

One reason I LOVE beads, and have from the start, is that they are mood changers for me. If I am having a rough day (or year), and I have the blessing of some bead-time, things start looking up. I pick my colors, settle down with a bead mat, and spill out the little piles I need to get going. I take a deep breath in and gaze at those little puddles of glistening colors. By the time I exhale, I am already starting to feel better. Thirty minutes of peyote and I am in a trance. Ain't nothing like it. As a project grows, or a little speedy creation is completed I feel truly blessed with the ability to create something beautiful. From the first day I put 2 beads together, it was a healing experience for me.

Last week I had a rough morning. I spent the afternoon at Poppyfield making some "wheels" of color with wire and beads while Solange ran the register. I was inspired by a more complex project in Rachel Nelson's Seed Bead Fusion book. One of my customers was working Rachel's Shiloh Necklace in the studio during OPEN BEADING. I liked the idea of wrapping wire loops with beads both on the outside and inside. But even more so, I wanted bright color - lots of it. Some of you may have seen the necklace that was born. By the time I was done, my mood had lightened and my problems seemed further away. Beading is a kind of mood alchemy.

Someday the Wheels of Alchemy Necklace will evolve into a wire work class - a full-fledged, register, pay and get instructions, kind. But for now -- you can get the FREE earring version of "Wheels of Alchemy" during Drop Everything and Twist, TOMORROW (Tuesday) from 1-2. The free DRAT class includes on the spot teaching with me - you can take your own notes, as there are no instructions. You also do not need to register or pay... just show up at Poppyfield.

You will need the following tools: Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, and flush cutters. We will harden our wire wheels by hammering them, and so you will need a bench block and a chasing hammer. I do have those available for sale - bring your own if you have them. I do NOT have tools to lend. Please make arrangements to bring tools or buy them at the shop.

There is no materials kit this week. But many of you will already have most of the supplies, if not all. You will need between 25 and 40-4 mm bicone crystals ( I used Sun AB), and the same number of size 8 seed beads (I used 638 - my all time fav color), 2- 6 mm beads (I used Sun bicones). The hoops are made of 18 ga wire ( 18" to 2 feet includes room for mistakes), and the wrapping is with 26 ga - and I used Artistic Wire Plum (one wingspan per earring). Of course EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT POPPYFIELD. I do admit to being out of nylon jaw pliers because their absolute coolness (as erasers) has been discovered by all my wire students. More are on their way.

Other Poppy News

Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings by Julia Hecht

The Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings Class was a blast. I've seen some gorgeous fringe earrings bopping around the store. This class is open for registration for Saturday, October 1st for $25. I may even wear bell bottoms to teach. I am in the process of making a special 60's and 70's sound track for the occasion.
Fan Dance Necklace by Margo Field

Margo's Saturday class of the Fan Dance Necklace is now entering the home stretch. It has met twice and the fans are multiplying. Last week students worked on the neck strap. It is a treat for me to see all the color choices. The Monday series of the class is open for registration. It meets September 12th, 19th, and 26th from 6-9. This necklace looks great on any neck. Don't miss out!
Watch Your Step Bracelet by Margo Field

Margo's Watch Your Step Bracelet is back by popular demand and open for registration for September 24th from 1-4. There are so many ways to do up this one. I've got several on display at Poppyfield. Stop by and check them out.

Tropical Bauble by Diane Fitzgerald

The Tropical Bauble class with Diane Fitzgerald is going to sell out any day now. There are only a few places left. Call with a credit card to secure your place. If you are undecided, come in and see it "live". It looks better in real life. The resin bead and 2.5 mm bicones are on their way. Yes, it is true. I will have 2.5 mm Swarovski bicones in several colors. First served are those who've signed up for the class.

New Poppy Products

I now have Fireline in 8 lb and 10 lb in all three colors: Smoke, Crystal, and Flame Green.