Monday, December 10, 2012

The Gift of Sharing

Christmas Delight Charm Bracelet

Many people ask me about my career shift, from physician to bead shop owner.  They wonder about why and also comment, "It must be so different".  It is different in many ways. But in some ways, the rewards are surprisingly similar.  It comes down to the gift of sharing of myself.  One of the things that compelled me towards a career in medicine was a desire to use myself to "help" others to heal.  That is how I thought of the medical field.  

Today, through the twists and turns my life has taken me, what I've learned, is that "healing" and "help" come in many forms.  During the most challenging time in my life, when I was recovering from a most debilitating illness, I discovered beads.   When I put together my first pair of earrings, I was filled with  a childlike delight of wonder and possibility. With it came a message and warm glow that infused my body.  The message was: I have created something beautiful.  The warmth was a healing energy that has followed me ever since.  It was my own healing...a path I choose daily.  

My own healing has been less straightforward than the kind they teach in medical school.  I have had to seek out and experiment with what allows that healing energy in, and what blocks it.  It turns out that you, my dear customers, are part of my medicine.  Passing on what I've learned so that YOU can create beauty, heals me.  During my free wire events I see your eyes full of that same wonder and delight as you create something new and beautiful.  I know I am passing on a skill that you can use over and over again to create something from your own being and manifest it as an object of beauty.  Many of you create gifts for others.  In some way, I am in that gift.  And not only me, but my own teachers, and everyone who has helped and supported me to allow the event to come to pass.  

We do charge for patterns and classes here at Poppyfield.  We wouldn't be here if we did not.  But I LOVE my occasional free wire classes, because it comes as a gift from my heart.  Of course the materials are not free...and they aren't free for me, just as my rent and heat, hooks, are not.  So when you are drawn to Poppyfield for any reason and patronize my shop, you keep it alive and nourish it.  That in turns allows me to be here for you... and then you come here and I am nourished.  And so it goes.  

Join me on December 15th for my last FREE WIRE EVENT of 2012...The Christmas Delight Charm Bracelet.  Click here for details about the kit.