Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Share in the Excitement

Mirrix Starter Bracelet
Free Pattern
Greetings Beady Friends,

I just received word that I was selected to participate in the Social Market for a Mirrix project with Mirrix Looms.  I have been wanting to understand loom weaving, but haven't found the right forum until now.  I am a loom NEWBIE and I told them so.  I will be learning the loom under their guidance and I invite you to join with me on my Mirrix Loom Journey.  This will be a 9 month excursion onto a new beading path.  If you click the link below you will see why they chose me.    I will be humbling myself before the great Loom-god in the sky and asking for help as I embark on a brand new adventure to learn a brand new set of skills.  I will be posting about my experiences here and on Facebook and Twitter.  There will be free patterns and instructions.   I hope you will join me.  Click on the caption to the left for a first free pattern from the Mirrix website.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Buds Bursting

garden poppy blooming
"heart" opening
Greetings Beady Friends,

I must talk about Spring.  Our new clock time has arrived just as the fruit trees in Albuquerque are blooming.  Explosions of delicate blossoms are all about town.  Meanwhile, most trees remain bare and I still have a wonderful view of the Sandia Mountains from my home.  It is that quiet, warming, tease we get, here.  We go out without jackets and sometimes with shorts. Our gardens are begging for our attention, and we want to bend towards the earth to jump start them to their natural beautiful conclusion. But, before we can slide into summer, the winds will pick up and we will be accosted by tumbleweeds,  dirt in our ears, and dusty yards.  We will hide indoors, and shrink away from the sound of rustling branches and rattling windows.  We will see the sun shining in our vast blue sky and become impatient with another unsettling Spring day.  Then suddenly, it will be hot, and quiet, and our summer, if not the calendar's, will be upon us.

I usually brace myself for Spring here - it seems so changing and unpredictable.  This year I will try to enjoy every moment of it.  Wild wooly winds will not unhinge me.  Tumble weeds rolling under my car will not derail me.  I will cozy up inside with family and friends.  Perhaps I will bead and blog while the weather rages outside.  I will also go out into the mess of Spring to notice hatchlings and bursting buds, butterflies, and bees. I will let my hair be blown and my eyes water up with the wind.

I will let Spring swoop me up and I will not resist the light and renewal that is offered.  Like the hard-shelled seed that cracks to let the fragile, light-seeking cotyledon emerge, I will take the risk to grow… and I welcome all fellow travelers who are ready for their next ride.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."   -- Anais Nin

Let us become a field a flowers.

Bead on, dear friends.



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