Sunday, May 18, 2014

Stymied Again…But NOT!

Here I go again….Getting my webstore up and running has brought back a lot of memories from three years ago, when I first set up my new business.  Not all are good.   Every day I spend several hours trouble shooting technical issues with the web store.  This is why I have not gone "live" with it yet.  Surfing the web, it seems everyone and his brother has a web store.  So, why am I the "unlucky" one who can't seem to overcome technological obstacles?  In response,  I think about the health care web debacle, and I start to feel less unique.  I realize that hidden behind all the smoothly running shops, is the undisclosed history of how it all got going.  Unless there was a public mishap, or some reporting,  we see only the final "success".  

Usually, in the mainstream business and retail world, we don't share our struggles. But rather, we choose to present the finished, polished product.  We act as if struggling means failure, or stumbling makes us "less than."   I am sure there is some marketing value to this.  Everyone likes a winner and the impression of success can actually attract real success.  Perhaps also, in the historically "male" world of business, this is a form of posturing that men employ as a matter of course.  Maybe, women in business put on these same masks and hide our struggles in order to fit in and compete in the male domain .  Or maybe, we just let our fear driven egos get the best of us too.   

As I move forward into Phase II of my business, I am finding myself right back in the fear and uncertainty of dealing with new and unforeseen obstacles.  But I can see that three and a half years later, I have grown.   Instead of my ears ringing  in panic with each snafu,  I think about what is being asked of me.  Instead of viewing problems as the enemy, against which I must do battle,  I now view them as my guide. Perhaps leading me elsewhere.   When hiking, we walk around the thicket and follow the trail between the obstacles.  We don't begrudge the tree or the boulders that block our path.    

Most recently, I've come to feel that through my frustration, I am being guided into compassion and softness.  I feel connected to the many others like me who are working to find solutions and overcome obstacles.  I believe I am also being guided back into creativity and beading as way of side stepping the technological barriers before me.   I had put so much of my creative expression on hold in order to get the website and webstore going.  I sorely miss that magical part of my life.  I will still sort out the technical glitches. But, today, I realize that I cannot make this the focus of everyday's work.  It will happen in the background, while I put my creative life back in center.  You will have to stay tuned, to see what I mean, when we do finally go live.  

Meanwhile, I look forward to being back in the glow of creativity, wrapped up in that radiant energy, where time stops and the heavens shower me with inspiration, like divine confetti. As I write, the vision becomes clear.  I see, spread out before me,  little beady pools of color and glimmering light.  I must go, now.  You understand.  


Fleur du Jour with Margo Field
2 Saturdays, 6/14 and 6/21
1 - 4 PM, $55

This lovely necklace can be worked up in many flower variations.  We have 2 on display in the shop. Stop in and be captivated.  

  • Wire meet-up with Sylvia Abeyta - Tuesdays 1-3 PM
  • Friday Happy Hour -  4:30-6:30, free pattern and refreshments every Friday throughout the Spring and Summer.  

Monday, May 5, 2014

Bead Embroidery Update

Flatback Buddah by Julia Hecht

Bead embroidery never gets old!  It is one of my favorite forms of beaded expression.  I start out with an idea, and let it flow, morph and grow into the finished piece. Sometimes, it is not at all what I'd planned.  I made this pendant in an evening.  It uses some of our newest products:  Preciosa 8.5 mm flat back crystals, a luminescent resin cabochon (18mm),  O Beads and seed beads.  I edged the piece with O beads and secured each one with an 11/0 seed bead.  If you've ever thought about trying bead embroidery, I encourage you to JUST DO IT!  If you want to learn how to capture a cabochon with a peyote stitched bezel,  like the one here, I have a tutorial that will explain everything (Introduction to Bead Embroidery).  You can purchase it for $15.  There are lots of photos to help you along. Any of us at the shop can also give you guidance, if you need. 

Other ways to learn bead embroidery are some of the great books by the masters.  We have Jamie Cloud Eakin's new book, and books by Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini.  Leah Ready will be teaching an all levels bead embroidery class, Penchant for Pendants, August 9th...but you really can get started sooner.  If you have some bead embroidery skills, then you are ready for the next trend…Shibori silk bead embroidery.  Incorporate this amazing colorful pleated silk into embroidered creations. We are lucky to have a local expert.  Leah Ready's Shibori Heart Pin / Pendant, Saturday May 17th  is the first step in working with this material.  This class will get you ready for the next level of Shibori bead art -  the Shibori cuff bracelet.  


Our website is now LIVE at   After lots of hard work…it is up.  Online shopping at our webstore is coming soon.  We are just ironing out the kinks. We will ramp up gradually - a lesson we learned from our government's mistakes.  You will be able to shop online at  You can access the site directly with this URL, or from the homepage at or even from this blog.  


Curious about Kumihimo?   Come learn this easy braiding technique that has taken the bead world by storm.  Our Intro to Kumihimo class on Mon, May 19th 6-8 will get you in prepared to create beautiful beaded kumihimo ropes.  You will be using the foam disk loom and satin cord to learn braiding, and finishing techniques.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity to make your way into the world of KUMIHIMO!

Coming soon!  Margo Field's new necklace.  Stay tuned - we're choosing dates now.  


Wirework Meet-up with Sylvia Abeyta, Tuesdays 1-3
Just show up - for "twisted fun" and lots of laughs
It is a laid-back, unstructured way to learn wirework skills.  

Happy Hour Fridays 4:30-6:30 
Free patterns, demos, refreshments every Friday throughout the spring and summer.  No registration.  Just show up.  

New Products…Just in…
  • 6 sizes of brass cuffs (.25"-2")
  • Flat back crystals
  • Rhinestone chain
  • Banded rhinestones - in color
  • Luminscent resin flat backs
  • Our fireline is fully stocked 50 yds at $9.75
  • New colors of Czech O Beads
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