Monday, July 16, 2012

Soul's Light Breaks Through

Luz del Alma Necklace
by Julia L. Hecht

photo by Henri Grau

This necklace is the culmination of months of work.  Several months ago, after spending time with Rachel Nelson-Smith's new book Bead Riffs, I decided to conquer my longtime fear of right angle weave (RAW).  After messing around with RAW, I had the idea to use it as a bezel for a 27 mm rivoli.  Simultaneously it would function as the base for spikes coming out of the rivoli - like rays emanating from a source of energy or light.  But, after many attempts,  I ended up with something that just said "wagon wheel".  Not what I was seeking.  I kept altering it, but I just couldn't hit it.  How to bring my vision forth?  When the new spike beads arrived I saw promise in them.  Somehow I felt, they would help me express what was brewing, but stuck, inside me.  After weeks of working with the spikes towards an earring design, I saw how to merge them into my RAW design.
The breakthrough hit.  I sat down at 4:00 PM, and finished it 9 hours later at 1:00 in the morning (minus  a 10 minute bathroom/dinner break).  I never had to back track -it just spilled forth, bead by bead.  In the end, I was tired and stiff, but satisfied.  I am very happy with my "Luz del Alma" Necklace, which translates from Spanish as Light of the Soul.  It is exactly what I had planned months ago, before I ever saw a spike bead.

I am looking forward to teaching this design.  Look for it later this Fall.

Poppy Gallery - Native American Beadwork Exhibit

I  am now showcasing the beautiful seed bead work of 3 of my Native American customers: Paulita Daw (Navajo), Elton Tosa (Jemez Pueblo), and Navada Swan (Northern Paiute).  We have earrings, bracelets, necklaces, barrettes,  rosette hair pins, and even an ID holder.  All the work is for sale and ranges in price from $10 - $95. Jewelry for men and women.  For those curious and inspired by this exhibit, I have several books on Native American Beadwork. They are informative about history as well instructive with projects and ideas.

New Poppy Products

More Delicas are now available.  I have revamped my Delica displays and added a lot more colors.  We  now have over 600 colors of size 11 Delicas available.  I have all the permanent galvanized colors and color numbers through the 1800's.  Come see!  Do you work with Delica's?  Please answer the poll at the top right of this blog.  Your responses will help guide my Delica choices as I continue to expand my Delica selection.

Kits are now available for the Triple D Earrings in 3 color ways.  
Moonlight Passion Color Way

Pink Earth Color Way

 Clicking here will take you to the classes page, where you can see prices.  These kits will be made to order and first come first served for your preferred color way. So, place your order now by calling the store.  At this time they are available only for those registered for the class, and will be provided at the class.  The benefit of a kit is that you receive what you need for the class, plus extra seed beads.  It is much less expensive than buying all the supplies in full strands and tubes.  Students will also receive a supply list with the option to provide their own beads.

More Swarovski Bicones in Double AB - I couldn't  resist Indian Red 2AB, Hyancith 2AB, Siam 2AB, Garnet 2AB, Jet 2AB, Garnet 2AB, Burgundy 2AB, Topaz 2AB, Aqua 2AB, and more.  They are doubly delicious.

If you haven't been in lately, come visit and see what's new.  We are still growing and adding new products all the time.  

Remember Monday Night is Late Night - we are open til 8:00 PM

Hope to see you soon!