Sunday, November 27, 2011

Seasonal Delights

Grab 'n Go Gift Bags - Already Stuffed

We've had a busy busy weekend at Poppyfield. Henri and I have been holed up at the store getting ready for the holiday season. We have some exciting changes and fabulous offerings for you. Hints are visible from the street - even before you pull into the parking lot. What do I mean? You'll have to come and see that for yourself.

Some things of course I'll tell...
I am really pleased to announce that we've added a Gallery for purchasing finished jewelry. Margo Field and I will both have work on display for purchase. There are items for sale starting as low as $12. As I started un-packing my work to set up, I was struck by how much beautiful beadwork I've made over the years. Since buying Poppyfield, I haven't done any seed bead work. But seeing some of my creations inspired me to find a way to get beading time in. I am determined that you will see some new creations in the new year.

Grab 'n Go Gift Bags -
Share Your Love of Craft

We've got 4 pre-stuffed gift bags available to make your holiday shopping EASY! Each bag is filled with products along a theme, to help a newbie get started with a craft. We've got a bag for wire, seed beads, metal stamping, and stringing. Each bag comes with a book, and necessary tools. It is hard to pick colors for someone else, so instead, we've included a gift card for $10 or 15 dollars - that's part of the package. Each bag is a bargain, and costs less than all the items purchased separately. Plus, you don't need to stop and think about what to put in it. We've done all that for you. Just let us know at the counter and we'll hand over your ready-to-go gift bag. There's no gift wrapping necessary. It's ready to GO and ready to GIVE.

Chain DeLIGHT Earrings

Drop Everything and TWIST -FREE WIRE CLASS
Tuesday Nov 29th
1-2 pm

They're brass and tin and red and green. I just can't help myself. Everyone is into Poppyfield colors these days, and it is contagious. Long chain earrings are HIP, but if you want something shorter, there's an alternative version. This project requires a few inches of chain, stick pearls, and 3 mm pearls, 24 g. tinned copper wire. Tools needed are round nose, chain nose, cutters, and nylon jaw pliers. Everything is available at Poppyfield. Of course, you are welcome to substitute the materials with your own ideas. I have several different styles of chain.

Bright Angel Ornament

Leave Work and TWIST - Evening Free Wire Class!
Monday, Dec 5th 6:00 -8:00
Bright Angel Ornament

The notion that I could teach both Bright Angel and Angel with a Story in 2 hours was snipping off more than I could twist. So, I've decided to start with Bright Angel next Monday night. I'll plan on doing Angel with a Story on Dec 12th. So if you want a free class and some great gift giving ideas, come join us! You are welcome to bring a bite to eat so you can twist with vigor!

Margo's Giant Poppy Ensemble Jan 14th and 21st


40% off Select Czech glass beads, charlottes, cathedral beads, and Czech seed beads. Come see what we've got. I am sure some of these beads are no longer available. Some are quite expensive (like the metallic charlottes and some of the strands of glass) and I won't be re-ordering them anytime soon. So, when they're GONE they're GONE. Some already have GONE.

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

Last week during our Pot Pourri show and tell I was inspired by the soldered wire earrings one of the attendees was wearing. Part of the earring was spindle shaped with tiny rondelles wrapped across it. Next thing you know, I was making my own "Pod Earrings" with fuschia crystals. It is a simple shape with simple wire coiling and a sweet little dangle. Today I spent hours trying to "enhance" it by adding more parts. The result... well... "the U word". So, I won't share. In the end, simplicity wins. So Tuesday's DRop Everything And Twist class is:
(materials at the end of the post)
Pod Earrings by Julia Hecht

Pod Earrings
Drop Everything and Twist
Tuesday 1:00-2:00
Studio Poppy
Followed by Open Beading 2-4 PM

The New Mexico Rivoli Fan class was not only a bargain ($10) but a BLAST! Several customers have come in with their finished earrings, ready to make more - they are so quick and fun - who can resist those rivoli's and crystals? A great gift idea for the holidays. Toldja!

Margo's Ornamental Poppy classes are were really fabulous. There was an incredible variety of color schemes. I love to see what others put together. Some that I would never choose, just look amazing! Tomorrow is the first session of the Giant Poppy Ensemble. There are still a few places left, if you want to join us. See the classes page on this blog for details. Some of you are waiting for the Saturday class. It is scheduled for January 14th and 21st. It is now open for come on in to Poppyfield, or call with your credit card. Don't miss out on this seed bead extravaganza.

New Poppy Products
The microcrystalline wax is finally here! A 2 oz cup is probably a lifetime supply. So, if you liked Diane Fitzgerald's double stranded and waxed technique for stitching, come on in and pick up your wax!

New beautiful top drilled glass drops from Czech Republic - in a variety of sizes and colors - now hanging at Poppyfield.

Wire Department Overflowing!
We are now stocked to the brim with great colors of artistic wire - Chartreuse, Plum, Fuschia, Peacock Blue, Red, Lemon and Tangerine - not to mention those variety packs of 26 wire in tons of brilliant colors. Of course we've got the basic metals - low cost copper coated - non-tarnish brass and silver, copper, and gold tone.
Pod Earrings Materials List:
20 g wire - 16"
24 g wire - 6"
26 g wire 7 feet
40-60 2.4 mm bicone crystals
2 earring wires
Tools: Chain nose, round nose, nylon jaws, flush cutters,
bench block and hammer recommended as we are hardening the wire

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pot Pourri

Tomorrow's Drop Everything and Twist Wire Class is "Project Free" - A POT POURRI

I noticed some of the regular attendees have taken my projects one step further and put their own personal stamp on them. Come share what you've done with the techniques you've learned. Bring your work to display. Be proud and show us!! I will also be available to help with any of your projects and help work on techniques. Wondering why your loops just won't center or how to start spirals with tiny tiny centers? Having trouble with weaving? Come get "straightened out"
1:00 at Studio Poppy

A large shipment of Artistic Wire and Beadalon Tools is expected today - so if you are missing some of that great colored wire - stop in and pick some up tomorrow.

OPEN BEADING: Tuesdays 2-4 PM
Come bead with friends! Learn a new technique! Share your beady wisdom!

Only $10 New Mexico Rivoli Fan Earrings 6:00-9:00 tonight!
Still a few places left. You must have the Laura McCabe book, Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski. I am sold out, but I am told you can download it off google or amazon.

Margo's Giant Poppy Ensemble still has places available - if you took the Ornamental Poppy Class you are eligible for this class. Next session is next week!
Nov 21st and 28th 6-9 PM. $40. Call to sign up with your credit card, or come by the store and pick your beads. We've got a great selection of 27 mm Rivolis which is the center for this gorgeous flower. Check the classes page for pics.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Poppy History!

Julia and Diane Fitzgerald at Poppyfield Bead Company

What a wonderful weekend!!! Diane Fitzgerald shared so much with us in Studio Poppy. Forty students had the opportunity to learn from this beadwork pioneer and master. Of course everyone learned the projects they had registered for. But, treasured just as well, is the passing of pearls of wisdom and experience. These precious nuggets just don't translate from books or magazines. You've gotta be shown. In the tradition of women's arts, it is the passing of expertise and the sharing that happens when women come together to create. It is an "oral tradition". We are so fortunate that in our modern world, we can"fly in" someone like Diane. I believe, all of us opened our eyes a little wider and stretched our wings a little. As beaders, we can approach our passion with new skills, new ideas, and new confidence.

As a bead shop owner, this weekend just brought me to a whole new level. It was a rite of passage to host someone who has been a seminal figure in making beadwork accessible to all of us. Not only did I get a sense of the history of modern beadworking in America, but I suddenly felt a part of that history. From Diane's stories over dinner and in the short car rides, I also got to learn a little bit about bead life outside of our New Mexico enclave and see how we fit into this bigger picture. And if I learned anything from the classes, it is that I need to have some microcrystalline wax for sale. Don't worry, it is on the way.

Bright Angel Ornament by Julia Hecht

Tuesday, November 8th, 1:00-2:00
Studio Poppy

While everyone was beading up their mysterious Tropical Baubles, I was working on tomorrow's Drop Everything and Twist Project. I got so many calls requesting another class on Angel With a Story, that I decided to stick with Angels. Here she is... "Bright Angel". She is 4" long from spiral to spiral - and designed as a Tree Ornament - though you could wear her if you like large pendants. It isn't possible to make her in an hour - but it is possible to learn all that you need to make her. So plan to stay a little longer, if you can. See the end of this post for materials list.

Night of Angels!
Evening Free Wire Class - Drop Everything and Twist
Monday December 5th 6-8 PM
Bright Angel and Angel with a Story
These make great holiday gifts!

Come bead with us!
Assistance is Available

Come sit in our lovely Studio Poppy and work independently or with friends on your beading projects. It is always fun to have ALL the colors available as your creation unfolds. You are welcome to join us anytime we don't have a class. Check the classes page for your schedule or give us a call at the store. Free and no need to register. Just show up.

Upcoming Classes

New Mexico Rivoli Fans with Julia Hecht over half full. If you are considering this class don't wait. We are almost out of books!
Monday, Nov 14th 6-9 PM
$10 - Learn to Bezel Rivolis!
Fabulous Beginner Class
You will need the Laura McCabe Crystal Book

Giant Poppy Ensemble with Margo Field
Nov 21st and 28th, 6-9 PM
Ornamental Poppy req'd as a pre-requisite.

Supplies for Bright Angel Ornament
18 gauge wire 36" (armature)
26 gauge wire 5 feet (skirt)
26 gauge wire in same color as armature - 2 feet
22 gauge wire 6" (dangle head pin)
size 11 seed beads 1-2 grams for skirt
2.5 mm bicones 20
Accent beads for dangle
tools: round nose, chain nose, nylon jaw pliers, and flush cutters

Peace and Beads y'all!