Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally, Some Beads!

Greetings Beady Friends! Things at Poppyfield are moving along nicely. Although, I must confess, not in a New York minute. I love the pace of the NM life, but when I want things to happen, I revert to my Big Apple expectations. I've had to come to terms with the reality that creating a brand new retail space takes time. Not only that, there are about a thousand unexpected kinks that pop up, and I've been learning patience and humility in dealing with it all. Here's a tidbit. Last week I bought some used sales counters from Ooh Ahh jewelry store. They are going to be refurbished. One of them flew out of the truck on the way home. It landed in the middle of the road. Now it will be VERY refurbished. Ohmmmmmm.

It is a good thing I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I made this decision. I probably would not have had the courage to make the leap. That being said, I am thrilled with my decision, excited to see the progress, and confident that great things are in store, in the store.
Phoenix Phlower by Margo Field

Here is a photo of Margo's Phoenix Phlower. It has a sparking rivoli at the center, and her own original bezel, which you will really enjoy learning and applying to other creations. Like all her designs, it is a product of her beady genius. As soon as we open we will begin registration for the class. I will be sure to have all the supplies needed in stock.

An Experiment in Bead Display

Yesterday I finally had a day with the beads. I spent hours working with one of the many boxes of tubes I've got. It was such a joy to finally get a box open and start organizing the inventory. I've been experimenting with displaying the bead tubes in a way that is both appealing and practical for all beaders - newbies to veteran advanced stitch mavens. I tried out these cool trays that hang in the slat wall. What you see are a small sample of bugles and the 6's that I have in stock. I love being able to see the whole tube of beads. But, I am not convinced that these trays are durable and will hold up. I will continue in my quest. Hanging tubes are next on my agenda.

Finally, I've also spent hours getting the inventory organized in the computer. As an avid beader myself, I know some of information I'd like to have when walking into a store. I am working on setting up the system to be practical for beaders' questions. For example when I walk into a bead store, I want to know if 638 (my favorite color) is available in 11's, 15's, 8's, do you have it in frosted? what about hexes? bugles? You'd be surprised how difficult it is to get straight answers to these questions. But I've already got an email in the Miyuki inbox on someone's computer in Japan.

Happy New Year to you all! May the New Year bring you everything you need. And lots of beads, too.

Peace and Beads,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Poppy is Sprouting

I Can't Wait to WELCOME You

Signs of growth are finally evident at Poppyfield Bead Company! Up til now, so much of the work I've been doing to get the store running has been behind the scenes leg work. Phone calls, internet searches, visiting shops, and placing orders. I was working hard, but, everyday, I'd walk into the store and it would look the same as the day before.

Finally, change is visible. My contractor, Owen Kellum, has been on the job. The walls are blooming in color! Tuesday the track lights go up. I am still waiting on the slat wall. That is the structure that the beads will hang from. It has been ordered, and should be here early this week. When it comes, it will go up and then I can start hanging the inventory.

Speaking of inventory: Please leave a comment on the blog about your wishes for the store inventory. What did Margo carry that was important to you? What would you like to see me carry?

My goal is to open right after New Years. But, a lot depends on the delivery of the structural elements of the store. Obviously, I must be able to display the inventory to open.

Store Hours: M 2 - 8, T-F 12 - 5:30, Sat 12 - 4:30, Sun Closed
Phone: 505-880-8695 (when store opens)

Margo has finished her Phoenix Phlower brooch / necklace, which will be offered soon after the store opens. A photo and description of this gorgeous intermediate - advanced projected will be posted here soon. There is also a beginner's level bracelet in the works. So check back for more news.

Peace and Beads,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Passing The Torch and Moving a Meadow

Julia and Margo Signing The Sale of Poppyfield

Greetings Beady Friends! It has been a busy week for Poppyfield. On Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 Margo and I signed the papers (and I signed the check) and Poppyfield officially began its rebirth. I spent Tuesday until Friday packing up and moving all the inventory around the corner to 4401 A Cutler. Millions of beads and findings, large and small, are safely nestled in boxes waiting to hang for your purchase and pleasure.

I know that it is difficult to be without your bead connection. Over the years, I've had my own share of "Bead Emergencies" and found myself scouring the streets in desperation. I wish I could serve you YESTERDAY. But, everything is still packed. PLEASE be patient as I set up the new store. I only found out about Margo's plans to close when you did. I've been working non-stop on the takeover since that fateful email she sent last month. I promise you, the wait will be worth it. As soon as I am able to serve you, in any capacity, I will let you know.

Many of you have asked what is the date we will open. Honestly, I don't know. Realistically, I expect it will be after Christmas. Again, as soon as I have a date, I will send out the word.

A Fresh Start at 4401 Cutler Suite A

The new store is located just across the street from the Pima Medical Institute. From the old store, go south to Cutler and make a right at Liberty Gym. It is on the right side of the street just past the Hallmark Computer Supply store. If you hit Washington (and Reflections Funeral Home), you've gone too far. Right now, it is an bare storefront. No sign, no window display and most of the time the curtains are drawn.

Meanwhile, what have I been doing? The process has been like moving an entire meadow - the Field of Poppy. I had to dig up each and every flower and now I am getting ready to transplant them - one bead tube or strand at a time. In addition to all the packing and moving, I've been figuring out the layout of the store, seeking out furniture for the studio / class, investigating the displays, making contact with wholesalers, and designing the brand, logo, and signs. I've already purchased the computer and software system, and some of you already have your contact info uploaded into the customer data base. How exciting is that?!