Sunday, August 28, 2011

Instant Elegance

Instant Elegance - Inspired by Eni Oken's Follies Chandeliers

Ta Dah! Just born... a project for Tuesday's DRop everything And Twist Free Wire Class. I spent hours last night working on something ELSE that seemed like a great idea. I did 2 versions and they are both UGGGHLY! So, today, I scrapped it and started over on something completely different. This is a chandelier earring that utilizes herringbone weave. I got the idea for this design from Eni Oken's earrings called Follies Chandeliers in a book I have at the store called Contemporary Wire Jewelry. The book has a lot of great ideas - but each one calls out to me "change me up". Eni's version is with rondelles and looks very ethnic with long drops. My version is a cleaner elegant look - (hence the name). Once you learn the design and techniques it will be so easy to change it up into your own style.

I will sell these exact beads individually for the class so you don't have to buy whole strands to be able to make the earrings. Of course you are always welcome to bring your own beads.

Supplies you will need for one pair of Instant Elegance Earrings:
2 14 mm faceted round beads
6 matching faceted tear drops (hole from top to bottom)
6 contrasting 4 mm pearls
2 earring wires
14" 22 ga wire
5 feet 26 ga wire

tools: round nose, chain nose and nylon jaw pliers, flush cutters

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring your own tools or plan to buy before class. I CANNOT lend tools. I have everything available at Poppyfield right now, except the nylon jaw pliers. They are expected to arrive on Wednesday.

Tuesday 1:00-2:00 in Studio Poppy
Followed by Open Beading
Everyone Welcome
Bring Your Own Tools or Buy on the Spot

REMEMBER: Monday is late night at Poppyfield - Open til 8:00 pm.
Tomorrow Free Wire Class at 6:00 - Wheels of Alchemy. See the previous post on this blog for details and picture.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mood Changers

Wheels of Alchemy Earrings by Julia Hecht

One reason I LOVE beads, and have from the start, is that they are mood changers for me. If I am having a rough day (or year), and I have the blessing of some bead-time, things start looking up. I pick my colors, settle down with a bead mat, and spill out the little piles I need to get going. I take a deep breath in and gaze at those little puddles of glistening colors. By the time I exhale, I am already starting to feel better. Thirty minutes of peyote and I am in a trance. Ain't nothing like it. As a project grows, or a little speedy creation is completed I feel truly blessed with the ability to create something beautiful. From the first day I put 2 beads together, it was a healing experience for me.

Last week I had a rough morning. I spent the afternoon at Poppyfield making some "wheels" of color with wire and beads while Solange ran the register. I was inspired by a more complex project in Rachel Nelson's Seed Bead Fusion book. One of my customers was working Rachel's Shiloh Necklace in the studio during OPEN BEADING. I liked the idea of wrapping wire loops with beads both on the outside and inside. But even more so, I wanted bright color - lots of it. Some of you may have seen the necklace that was born. By the time I was done, my mood had lightened and my problems seemed further away. Beading is a kind of mood alchemy.

Someday the Wheels of Alchemy Necklace will evolve into a wire work class - a full-fledged, register, pay and get instructions, kind. But for now -- you can get the FREE earring version of "Wheels of Alchemy" during Drop Everything and Twist, TOMORROW (Tuesday) from 1-2. The free DRAT class includes on the spot teaching with me - you can take your own notes, as there are no instructions. You also do not need to register or pay... just show up at Poppyfield.

You will need the following tools: Round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, nylon jaw pliers, and flush cutters. We will harden our wire wheels by hammering them, and so you will need a bench block and a chasing hammer. I do have those available for sale - bring your own if you have them. I do NOT have tools to lend. Please make arrangements to bring tools or buy them at the shop.

There is no materials kit this week. But many of you will already have most of the supplies, if not all. You will need between 25 and 40-4 mm bicone crystals ( I used Sun AB), and the same number of size 8 seed beads (I used 638 - my all time fav color), 2- 6 mm beads (I used Sun bicones). The hoops are made of 18 ga wire ( 18" to 2 feet includes room for mistakes), and the wrapping is with 26 ga - and I used Artistic Wire Plum (one wingspan per earring). Of course EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT POPPYFIELD. I do admit to being out of nylon jaw pliers because their absolute coolness (as erasers) has been discovered by all my wire students. More are on their way.

Other Poppy News

Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings by Julia Hecht

The Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings Class was a blast. I've seen some gorgeous fringe earrings bopping around the store. This class is open for registration for Saturday, October 1st for $25. I may even wear bell bottoms to teach. I am in the process of making a special 60's and 70's sound track for the occasion.
Fan Dance Necklace by Margo Field

Margo's Saturday class of the Fan Dance Necklace is now entering the home stretch. It has met twice and the fans are multiplying. Last week students worked on the neck strap. It is a treat for me to see all the color choices. The Monday series of the class is open for registration. It meets September 12th, 19th, and 26th from 6-9. This necklace looks great on any neck. Don't miss out!
Watch Your Step Bracelet by Margo Field

Margo's Watch Your Step Bracelet is back by popular demand and open for registration for September 24th from 1-4. There are so many ways to do up this one. I've got several on display at Poppyfield. Stop by and check them out.

Tropical Bauble by Diane Fitzgerald

The Tropical Bauble class with Diane Fitzgerald is going to sell out any day now. There are only a few places left. Call with a credit card to secure your place. If you are undecided, come in and see it "live". It looks better in real life. The resin bead and 2.5 mm bicones are on their way. Yes, it is true. I will have 2.5 mm Swarovski bicones in several colors. First served are those who've signed up for the class.

New Poppy Products

I now have Fireline in 8 lb and 10 lb in all three colors: Smoke, Crystal, and Flame Green.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Earrings Galore!

The next 2 days we'll be making earrings galore at Poppyfield. Monday evening 8/15 from 6-9 is is a journey with seed beads and crystals in the Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings Class. It costs $25, and there are still some places available. Just call the store to reserve your place with a credit card.

Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings by Julia Hecht

On Tuesday, in Drop Everything And Twist (Free Wire Hour) I will demonstrate how to make these intricate wrapped earrings. They are a great way to work on wire wrapping skills and in the end you will have these fabulous wire and bead earrings. I will get some kits together with the components and the class is absolutely free. Just bring your tools - chain nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters, and nylon jaw pliers.

Wrapped Hoop Earrings by Julia Hecht

Join Us!

On Monday evening, August 29th 6-8 PM, I will repeat the Firecracker Ring class. It is FREE - and part of the DRAT (Drop Everything and Twist) series of free wire instruction I am offering.
I have sold out of the ring bases, but by then I should have more. I will have kits available with everything you need to make the ring. Bring your own tools or buy at Poppyfield. See previous post for a pic of this sparkling delight. Cheers!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Back in the Saddle

It is August, folks - changing light, crisp mornings, and back to school season. This post brings news of new classes and new bead-i-ful products for your enjoyment. But before that...
Last week I took my kids to Colorado for a dude ranch adventure riding horses. My horse for the week was named "Twister". Obviously, this is a sign that I need to keep on with D.R.A.T (Drop Everything and Twist) Free Wire Hour. Keep reading to see what's up for tomorrow.
If you stopped by the store between Wednesday and Saturday, you saw that Solange was holding down the fort and doing her darndest to keep the beads available to you. I am truly grateful that I have such devoted help, and that I was able to keep the shop open while I grabbed up a final blissful few days with my kids before we are all "back in the saddle" for the new school year.

Drop Everything and Twist - FREE Wire Hour
Tuesday 8/9 1:00-2:00 PM
Firecracker Ring: Wrapped Loops in Tight Spaces

Firecracker Ring - "A sparkling blast" by Julia Hecht

Tomorrow, we are going to continue our focus on wrapped loops as we create a sparkling blast of crystals that you wear on your finger. Last week we made earrings and the loops were EASY as they were created individually and then added to the earring. In this case we are going to wrap the loop after adding it to the ring. It is an opportunity to work on your loops and bring your dexterity up a level - readying you for more advanced wire projects that are - really KEWL!
I have kits available with everything you need - just bring your tools: nylon jaw pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, and flush cutters. The kits include the ring base, 30" of silver plated fuschia wire (22 ga), 6 mm bicones, a teardrop, and precious metal size 11 beads. It is only $8.50, much less than you would spend buying all the products a la carte. Of course, you are welcome to bring your own supplies. If you want a kit, just shoot me an email and I will get one ready for you. There is no need to register for the class. Just show up! Stay and twist during open beading, if you'd like.

Open Beading
Tuesdays 2:00-4:00
Studio Poppy
* Cool off * Bead with Friends * Get Help with Any Project*

New Class

Watch Your Step Bracelet with Margo Field - Saturday, 9/24, 1-4 pm, $25

Watch Your Step Bracelet by Margo Field

Margo is always getting requests to "please teach ______ again". It happens everyday. So, for those of you who missed this very elegant and very "variable" bracelet back at the original Poppy Field, here's your chance. Check the classes page for a sample of variations that you can work up with this class. The stitch is a variation of netting and picot and is Margo's can't find this in any book. Don't miss out.

New Products

I just got 13 colors of TILA beads. I am selling them in 10 g tubes - they start as low as $5.19. Come check out the amazing colors - After I finish typing to y'all, I am getting them up on the wall.

Class Updates
Fan Dance Necklace by Margo Field

This Saturday, Margo's Fan Dance Necklace will begin! There are still a couple of places left. Fan Dance is a 3 week extravaganza of colorful fans through an exploration of herringbone stitch with a touch of kinky fringe. (Everyone deserves a little kink!) Believe me, this necklace looks good on ANY neck! Don't be shy! Come join us. It is an intermediate level class. Call with your credit card to reserve your place - or stop by at the store.

Registration is STILL OPEN for the following classes:
Crystal and Brick Revival Earrings with Julia Hecht - Mon 8/15, 6-9 PM, $25
Fan Dance Necklace with Margo Field - 3 Mons 9/12, 19, 26, 6-9 PM, $65
Almost Infinity Wire Bracelet with Julia Hecht - 2 Sats, 9/10 , 17, 1-4 PM, $40
Moorish Tile Beaded Beads with Diane Fitzgerald - Sat, 11/5, 10 AM -4:30 PM, $85
Tropical Bauble with Diane Fitzgerald - Sun, 11/6, 10 AM- 4:30 PM, $85

Check the classes page for pics and details and class policies.