Monday, August 27, 2012

Don't Labor - Create!

Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet in Copper/Bronze

Greetings Beady Friends!  I am hosting a free wire basics class Monday, September 3rd (Labor Day) from 12 - 2,  so you can  make your own Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet. I will be teaching how to make wrapped loops and how to assemble your charms onto chain.  I have put together a beautiful assortment of colorful beads and casted charms in a kit for $25.  It includes the new Swarovski neon crystal pearls, skull and milagro charms, Czech pressed glass flowers and druks, bead caps, wire, jump rings, 9" of  chain and a beautiful Mexican style heart toggle clasp.  Everything you need, except the tools.  (Bring your own flush cutters, round nose, chain nose, and nylon jaws pliers - or purchase at Poppy).  There are two versions - Silver and Copper/Bronze, so you can choose which suits YOU! . This is the season of smiling skulls - so get a jump on it - and be ready.  Also makes a GREAT holiday gift.  Call or come by to order your kit.  

Poppy News

  • Today is Solange's last day, so come on in and say farewell to her.  
  • We are open til 8:00 tonight.  
  • Hex cut Delica beads are now available in size 11.  
  • Coming soon:  size 8 hex cut Delica's (I couldn't resist the impulse).  Size 10's will be next.  

Kumihimo Classes start in 2 weeks!  Sign up now to learn a new skill.  You will need this for the Luz del Alma necklace and the Blooming Braid flowered rope.

Hope to see you soon!  Til then....Peace and Beads.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Greetings Beady Friends!  Change is upon us - some chosen, some not.  As I've learned to appreciate and welcome the changing seasons, so I am "choosing" to embrace the changes that are foisted upon me.

Farewell Solange

Solange  - Always Spiritual
Our dear Solange is leaving us for new frontiers.  Solange, my friend for 7 years, has been with Poppyfield from the start, before we opened our doors.  Of the 4 ladies who helped me set up the store, Solange is the one who stayed.  From part-time employee with another job, to dedicated full-time staff, Solange has seen me through all my growing pains and my unexpected illness last winter.  We've shared a lot of laughs and a few tears.  Her mark on Poppyfield is everywhere.   Although, she will be sorely missed, we are happy for her as she begins her new adventures.  After a month of meditation and service at the Lama Foundation near Taos, Solange will travel in the US and then abroad.  We hope one day she will make her way back to New Mexico to visit us.  Solange will be at Poppyfield for her last day on Monday, August 27th, from 2-8 PM. If you'd like, stop in and say farewell.

Welcome June

Poppyfield welcomes June Malone to our staff!  June will join Wendy and me on October 1st.  June is a long-time beader, who has the distinction of being a "Bead Dreams Finalist".  She designs remarkable and striking, large pieces with Delica beads (as well as other bead creations).   She is also friendly and helpful - a Poppyfield must!  We know June will be a great addition to Poppyfield Bead Company, and we look forward to her arrival.

More Discounts at Poppyfield

As more and more knitters, quilters, doll makers, and embroiderers find their way to Poppyfield I've decided to offer a 10% discount to members of these other guilds.  Bring proof of active membership to any of these local guilds to receive a discount on beads, thread, and wire.  

Gift Giving is Now Easy at Poppyfield

We will now be accepting returns of finished jewelry, purses and other gift items.   Presentation of a receipt for gift return is not necessary, if you give YOUR name with your purchase! With our computerized database of purchases, we can locate a purchase with a customer's name. If you plan to purchase a gift, please make the purchase under your name to allow the recipient an opportunity to return it if she chooses.  (She tells us YOUR name, and we locate the invoice in our system).   For holiday shopping convenience, all gift items may be returned until 1/26/12. After that we will have a 30 day return window.  Supplies such as thread, beads, wire, etc CANNOT be returned or exchanged (sorry!).  If you want to give supplies or classes as gifts, a Poppyfield gift card is the way to go!

Poppyfield Classes

Blooming Braid - Put Flowers in Beaded Kumihimo

Blooming Braids Tuesday  9/25 6-9 PM:  Wendy took a couple of Kumihimo classes with me, and was off designing her own braids in no time.  She has created a beaded rope with colorful beaded flowers "Kumi'ed-in".  This pattern has never been seen before - Wendy figured it out.  If you want to learn the secret of putting flowers into a Kumihimo beaded braid, this class is for you.  This class will teach you how to braid with beads, as well as the flower pattern.   You must know how to do the 8-strand round braid and how to tie-off.  You can learn these skills in the Intro to Kumihimo class with Wendy on Tuesday 9/11 6-9 PM.  Each class is $35.

There is still space in Saturday's Triple D Earrings 1-4 PM.  Make a fabulous pair of earrings using Delicas, Daggers, and dripping with Dangles. This class is fun and great for beginners as well as seasoned beaders.  See the classes page for details. 

The Luz del Alma necklace class  is now open for registration.  Learn a new bezel technique for 27 mm rivolis, and learn to work with the new spike beads.  Embellish a Kumihimo rope with tiny seed beads and create beaded end caps.  Don't miss out.  See the classes page for details.

My Latest Procrastination

Julia's gaspeite cuff in the making

When I should be writing my instructions for the Luz del Alma necklace, I am working on a new embroidered cuff.  Wendy, my mom, and I made a field trip to Kameyab Imports and I got this beautiful gaspeite cabochon (among other delightful finds).  I've never done an embroidered cuff with a brass insert, so this is my first exploration.  I am using some matching teardrop beads I got a long time ago at Thomason (because I loved the color), tiny turquoise cabs from Kameyab, and tiny coral stick beads (also from Thomason).  Thomason is known for their stone beads and they are right around the corner from Poppyfield on Menaul.  Kameyab is on Alameda just east of 1-25.  Last week was my first trip and I know I'll be back.  They have a great selection of cabachons as well as stone beads.  It's like walking into a huge market.  For sure a cuff class is coming.  Stay tuned to see this bracelet progress and details about an embroidered cuff class.  

Remember - Monday night is late night!  We are open until 8 PM. 
Hope to see you soon!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Glad To Be Back

Luz del Alma by Julia L. Hecht
End Caps and Clasp

Greetings Beady Friends!  I've been away from the store a lot this summer spending time with my family.  It has been wonderful and full of precious, priceless moments.   But I've missed you and the beads.  Of course I schlepped my bead projects on travels and opened them repeatedly in my home.  But, since my last post, I have not had what it takes to transport myself into "deep beading".  Virginia Wolf, the 19th Century writer  needed "A room of one's own and lock on the door," to ply her craft.  I need good lighting, reading glasses, and a quiet place to sit still for hours.  And of course, lots of beads.

Yesterday, though, I had all that, and got down to it.  I finally finished Luz del Alma, my first exploration with tiny spike beads (see previous post).  They enhance a sparkling 27mm rivoli.  The effect is not at all spiky  or edgy. But,  rather radiant and celebratory.  Last night I finished the end caps and clasp.  They are built upon a delicate (easy!) kumihimo satin rope using a variety of bead stitches that create complexity and intricacy.  The finishing is so special, you might want to wear your hair in a bun for this one!  The class dates are set and it is open for registration:  3 Saturdays - September 22nd, 29th, and October 6th or 3 Mondays - October 22nd, 29th, and November 5th.  Additional kumihimo classes will be scheduled soon for those of you wanting a rope class.  Of course you can create your own rope for this piece.  But, why not add some new techniques to your repertoire?  Call with a credit card, or come by the store to register.

Poppy Classes

Margo's Enchanted Primrose and my Triple D Earring classes have been lots of fun!  If you missed Enchanted Primrose you can order the instructions (PDF or paper) from Poppyfield.  The Triple D earrings class on Saturday, Aug 25th still has some places left.  It is instant gratification and the instructions are easy to understand and written for brand new beaders.

Poppy Products

The results from the Delica poll are in, and visible in the upper right hand corner of the blog.  There isn't an overwhelming separation of preference.  I was surprised to find that size 10's are more desirable than size 8's, so that was helpful. I was happy to see that there is a desire for cut beads as I already have some size 11 hex cut Delicas.  As soon as we get them tubed I will have them available for purchase.  I have already ordered some more colors in 11's that I couldn't resist. (I saw a customer with them and was disappointed to discover that I wasn't carrying them.  Problem solved!!)  Size 10's will be my next addition as I believe they are not yet available locally.  So, if you are looking for more Delica beads, stay tuned.

I have also grown my selection of tiny tiny 15/0 Czech charlottes.  I have a mix of both plated precious metal and affordable "look a-likes" including nickel, brushed 24 kt gold, brushed and bright copper.  So, dispel the rumor that "no one in Albuquerque is carrying 15/0 Czech charlottes."  You CAN get them at Poppyfield, starting at $4.50 for a 5 gram tube.

Coming Soon Super Duo - The twin of Twin Beads

Several customers have asked about Twin Beads.  It looks like they are catching on!  Since they seem to be showing up in magazines and on-line tutorials looking absolutely beautiful and intriguing, I've decided to carry them.  Well, their twin anyway.  I did some research and discovered that 2 very similar 2 holed bead products are manufactured in a wide array of colors: Twin Beads and Super Duo.  Christina of Good Quill Hunting tested both. She reports that Twin Beads are more irregular in shape, sometimes do not have both holes patent, and require culling.  They are also cheaper.  However, the main frustration with Twin Beads is that sometimes by the time you find out the 2nd hole is not patent, the bead is already incorporated into your work. That sounds like an experience I'd pay to avoid.  So, I've decided to carry Super Duo - billed as uniform, precision made, and reliable.  I've got every color on order and my supplier is awaiting their arrival on this continent.  I'll keep you posted.

Remember, Monday night is late night - we are open til 8:00 PM.

Hope to see you soon!