Friday, February 22, 2013

Hollywood Sparkle

Hollywood Sparkle by Julia L. Hecht

Just in time for the Oscars!  My long awaited Hollywood Sparkle necklace is finally finished.  I've scheduled the classes and they are open for registration.  This is an intermediate - advanced class.  Choose either Monday evenings 6-9 PM:  4/8, 4/15, 4/22 or Saturday afternoons 1-4 PM:  5/4, 5/11, 5/18.  This class uses peyote stitch, tubular herringbone, and various embellishment techniques.  I will be focusing on how to embellish the bail and the lower portion with crystal and pearl "explosions".  There is more to it than meets the eye.  Click here to go to the classes page for more details. 

Peyote Premiere by June Malone
Not ready for such an advanced class?  Don't despair.  We all started at the beginning and June Malone, our resident peyote stitch master will guide you in the basics in her Peyote Premiere class.  This class meets once for 3 hours and covers everything you need to know about flat peyote stitch.  These circular earrings she's designed can also be made individually as a matching pendant.  Choose June's colors or your own.  You will be able to apply these techniques to all sorts of peyote stitch patterns in books and magazines.  Class meets Saturday, April 6th 10 AM - 1 PM.  Click here to go to the classes page for more details.  

Samples of both the Peyote Premiere and Hollywood Sparkle are on display at Poppyfield Bead Company now.  

There are still 2 places left in Margo's Floral Fantasy Necklace class that meets starting this Monday 2/25.   If you want to take this class contact us ASAP.  Click here for more details.  

WIRE MEET-UP - FREE - Every Tuesday 1-3 PM  

Classes Coming Soon 
Wendy's new Kumihimo Beaded Diamond Spiral 
Margo's Floral Fantasy on Saturdays
Free Wire - Julia's Drop Everything and Twist - TBA

New Products
Swarovski Large Teardrop Pendants (seen in Hollywood Sparkle)
10 and 12 mm Swarovski Margaritas (sparkling flower beads)
New Super-Duo and Twin Bead Colors
New Rivoli Colors:  Rose Starlight and Crystal Brandy 
New Swarovski Bicone colors: Crystal Astral Pink, Blue Zircon, Garnet 2AB, Erinite, Fern
Fully Stocked Peacock Daggers and Spikes in 3 sizes
New Books on RAW (Lark), Peyote (Interweave), 
and French Beaded Flowers
Old Favorites Back in Stock

On The Way - Just Shipped
Rizo's and Rulla Beads in all available colors

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Color Piques

Sneak Peek!

Many customers ask me how I pick colors.  It is not something that comes from my head, in any conscious way.  It is just something that happens.  Something that percolates up from inside me.  Probably like music does for those so inclined (which I am not).  Yes, color theory can be learned.  But I am always  bored by those discussions.  At this point I don't think it terms of saturation, value, or other color terms.  I just know what I like.  My color choices on any day reflect my mood - excitement, rebellion, serenity.  Sometimes they are born from a memory - snorkeling in a tropical sea or hiking on a sunny autumn day.  

My "color-seeking" can come as a spark, a restless itch, a subtle stirring, or even an almost painful surge that must burst through.  Sometimes I feel overwhelming inspiration from a stone, a bead, a picture or a product that hangs on the wall in my shop.  Lately,  it has been Swarovski's Medium Vitrail.  Seen in the pendant above.  This is a sneak peek from my Hollywood Sparkle Necklace, which is nearly finished.

In the pendant I see several greens and blues and then a strong contrast, fuchsia. There is even a little orangey topaz.   I love the excitement of bold contrast and often choose to play this up and emphasize it.   In the past I have olivine and fuchsia with medium vitrail - all by Swarovski.  But the day I chose colors for this piece I was feeling rebellious and sassy.  I wanted to put together colors that many people ordinarily would not. I wanted  colors that are not supposed to go together.   I kept my fuchsia contrast. Teal and fuchsia are often put together as jewel tones.  Fuchsia and other greens such as olivine are also seen together.   But teal and olivine are not generally seen together.  Could I put them together?  I look at it this way:  Since several greens and blues are in that one piece of glass they must "go together" because they are together.  I chose a yellow green (see the upper left of the teardrop) and a teal (see the lower left of the teardrop).  I decided to forgo the topaz to avoid a rainbow.  I love the final effect.  I am sure I am not the first person to ever mix these colors.  But it is unusual and I feel sufficiently sassy.  In my rope I went a step further.  But I'll keep you in suspense and reveal that another day.

If you like these colors together then think about these crystal colors by Swarovski:  fuchsia, emerald glacier blue, olivine, green sphinx, fuchsia purple haze and of course, medium vitrail.  They are all hanging on display in the shop.  Poppyfield seed bead colors that work with this color scheme and the above crystal colors are:  459H, 468, D4217 and 638A.  They are on display at the counter. So stop in and mix up a batch of sass for yourself.  

Press Release!!!!

Today, I am interviewed on the international bead blog here...


We've had some really fun FREE wire events around Valentine's Day.  All the classes "sold out" within a few days and we just had a blast.  Sylvia's wire meet-ups on Tuesdays have been growing.  More types of project ideas are brought to the studio, so I've decided to expand our wire products to give "twisters" more options.  We will soon be carrying German half-hard wire, as well as twisted wire.  When we've got it in stock I will let you know via this blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  Til then... come take advantage of the free wire expertise we offer.  Wire Meet-Up is every Tuesday 1-3 PM in our lovely Studio Poppy.  It is friendly and free. Bring your tools, or buy what you need with us.


Peyote Premiere by June Malone

Many of you have asked for a peyote beginner class. It is finally here.  June Malone, our resident peyote master, will be teaching a pendant/ earring class, Peyote Premiere. This class is for beginners and anyone who wants to get back to basics with their flat peyote skills - odd count, even count, reading a pattern, and decreasing. The class meets on Saturday, April 6th.  Click here to go to the classes page for more information.

Margo's Floral Fantasy class has only 2 places left.  If you are thinking about this one, don't delay.  See pics and details on the classes page.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wrap Around My Heart

Wrap Around My Heart

This Saturday's Free Wire class is now open for registration.  The Wrap Around My Heart necklace is a free-form heart pendant embellished with tiny Swarovski crystals.  The piece resembles wrought iron, but is gunmetal enameled copper wire - soft and easy to work with. First, make the heart your heart desires.   Then,  learn to wrap crystals to the heavy gauge heart, using fine gauge wire.  The kit is $19.50 and includes 18" of oxidized brass chain, 3 gauges of wire, Swarovski crystals, 2 fresh water pearls, and jump rings.   This is an all-levels class that meets from 10-noon (door opens for participants at 9:45).    I am limiting the class to 10 people.    Purchase of the kit reserves your seat.  You can call with a credit card or come by the shop and see the necklace for yourself.  

Margo's Floral Fantasy Necklace

There are still a few places left in Margo's Floral Fantasy Necklace class. This fabulous sculptural design is on display at Poppyfield.   It's an intermediate to advanced level project that meets 2/25, 3/4, and 3/11 6-9 PM.  More details are on the classes page on this blog.


  • 17 mm Swarovski Heart pendants for sale in 3 colors:  Astral Pink, Crystal Golden Shadow, and Crystal Red Magma.  
  •  76 colors of Super Duo Twins and 58 colors of Preciosa Twins.  All tubed up and hanging on our display for your shopping pleasure.  Wondering what to do with them?  Ask us about the Magic Carpet bracelet instructions. Or click on the Etsy badge under "BUY NOW" on the right of this blog.  
  • 12 mm Swarovski Margaritas (crystal flowers with a center hole)
  • Azurite-Malachite stone beads (30 x 20) - really pretty and in limited supply
Coming Soon...

  • Wendy's Dancing Diamonds Beaded Kumihimo Necklace Class
  • Julia's Hollywood Sparkle Necklace
  • Another round of Not Grandma's Cameo (it was just sooo popular)


Wirework Meet-up with Sylvia Abeyta
Tuesdays 1-3 PM in Studio Poppy

Open Studio Time (FREE) for your beading pleasure 

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