Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spiritual Speed Hump

Greetings friends, and thanks for checking in.  Kind and well-meaning people ask me daily about the shop.  They are shocked that we are still closed.  I am not.  Life is full of unexpected bumps in the road.  We get to decide how to ride them.  I am choosing to see this crash as a "spiritual speed hump" sent from The Beyond.  I expect that the full meaning and gifts of this divine interruption will only become apparent to me in hindsight.  Meanwhile, I can share some of what I've learned through this experience.

Forgive Accidents - It feels really good. 
Acknowledge difficulty - It helps diffuse the stress
Don't Dwell - It makes things feel worse than they are.   
Laugh When Possible - It feels really good.
Accept Help -Needing others is not a sign of weakness, but of being human
Stay in the Present Moment - Anxiety is usually caused by imagining disaster that never happens  
(such as my customers will not return, insurance won't come through, my business will never recover)
Have Patience for Things That Take Time  - Change takes time
Be Grateful 
(for good health, good help, good friends, good landlords, 
well wishes, nice people everywhere)
Beads Make Everything Better - This I already knew! 

Restoration Update

New Windows Installed

We are getting closer.  Windows are in, and security gates too.  Carpet is supposed arrive this week.  When I have a date for the carpet installation I will let you know. 

Product Update

Rose Montees

New seed beads ordered in "Southwest Sunset" palette. It is a variety of turquoises, oranges, reds, and browns in 11/0's, 8/0's, and 15/0's (wherever available). Truly beautiful and according to my recent trip to the mall, "in fashion" right now.  

Rose Montees - in 4 mm and 6 mm - These are crystals in silver plated settings with "sew-on" channels built into the the setting.  Available in packs of 12 and 24 pieces, and several colors.  There are some free patterns on the web using these, and I will have links for you when we re-open.  

15/0 Delicas - Yup, already tubed and on display. Available in affordable 3.5 gram quantities.  

Thanks for hanging in with us!  
Peace and Beads, y'all.