Sunday, June 16, 2013

Moving Along...

June's Peyote Premier
We are moving along towards the last stages of our restoration.  As you know, we re-opened on May 15th, 6 weeks after our unexpected "drive through" crash.  Our new bead display cases are set up, full of size 15's.  We've got about 550 different colors in just Japanese 15/0's.  I am busy moving the 11/0's and hoping to have it all set by Wednesday.  Then we'll get the "maps" made. We are planning on seed bead maps for customer use, so you can find your way to your favorite colors.

We've been busy replenishing our stock.  We've got a full inventory of Super Duo's, Twins, Rizos, and Rullas.  The new Two-Hole-Tile beads (Czech mates) have been extremely popular - and a bunch of new ones are on their way.  Our new seed beads (Southwest Sunset palette) have been a hit.  In fact there's one particular color that sells out every week - It is a turquoise AB that comes in both 11/0 and 8/0.  We've also got some new hybrid 11/0's and magatamas that you wont want to miss (they are also going fast).

Coming Soon

  • New Czech Glass Buttons
  • 30 mm Bugles (these take "forever" to hand sort - but we're getting there)
  • New Delica 10/0's
  • New 3 mm Fire Polish colors
  • New Daggers and Spikes
  • Miyuki Thread

Hollywood Sparkle
by Julia Hecht

We have rescheduled our "crash canceled" classes.

Peyote Premier with June  -  Saturday, July 13th 10AM-1 PM, $35
Hollywood Sparkle w/ Julia, Mondays, Sept 9th, 16th, 23rd 
                                                                6-9 PM, $75

If you registered before the crash then you are automatically enrolled.  Please let us know if you plan to attend.  If not, you can receive the instructions or a refund (but not both).  We will offer both of these classes again.  For more details about these classes please click here.  

Kumihimo Classes with Wendy:

  • Intro to Kumihimo - Saturday, August 10th, 10-noon, $25
  • Rope Fiesta - Monday, August 19th, 6-9 PM, $35
  • Dancing Diamond Pendant - Monday, Aug 26th 6-9 PM, $35
For more details about these classes please click here.  

Poppy Rewards

Our new rewards program went into effect on June 10th.   From that date, all purchases go toward earning Poppy Rewards.  When your sales history reaches $100 you will earn a $10 gift card. You will be notified and can pick it up, and use it, at your next visit.  All purchases are included in the tally, and the gift cards are good for all items, including classes.  We think you'll like it.  This is now the only discount / reward offer that we are honoring.  Some of you have already received an email or phone call from us. Don't forget to come in and claim your reward!


Beadwork and Metal Designs by Katrina Lum
Poppyfield customer, Katrin Lum has beadwork on exhibit at the International Folk Art Museum in Santa Fe during the Tako Kichi Japanese Kite Exhibit 6/9/13 - 3/23/14.  She writes "the Goldfish set was done with beads from Poppyfield Bead Company".  
Yay, Katrina!



Sunday, June 2, 2013


My absence from the blogosphere for a month reflects my focus on the concrete aspects of both getting the store open and the demands of daily living.  Once we got word the carpet was coming, the timeline compressed an enormous amount of work into a matter of days.  Everything on the floor (directly or indirectly), was packed up in boxes, or wrapped up tightly and placed on movers. The back wall of Studio Poppy (our classroom and beading studio) had to be disassembled.   All our back cabinets and storage shelves had to be emptied.  Then, over the course of 2 days it was moved into 4 different arrangements so all of the floor could be exposed.  The old, damaged and glass covered-carpet was removed and the new carpet was laid.   Just thinking about it now makes me tired.   We opened our doors on May 15th and despite my fears that no one would come back, 33 customers came in that day.

Trying to smile through it all

Even the storage had to be emptied and moved

All wrapped up!

I held my breath through it all!

Studio Poppy gone for a time 

"AFTER"  Our new carpet, reassembled studio, and beads back in place

It definitely feels like a reboot.  You know... that vulnerable period when you power on the computer and it goes through all kinds of exertions before it finally gives you the screen you know and have come to rely upon.  We are still unpacking boxes and cleaning up the studio. We finally rescheduled some classes (see below).   Our inventory is all available - but perhaps, not in its final "nesting place".  Our clearance sale is ongoing with great discounts.  We still have seed beads on the clearance table, and hope to bring out some other interesting beads we discovered during the restoration - also at great discounts.

"Bead Parfaits" for 99 cents on the sale table


New seed bead colors 
New hybrid beads- 11*'s, 8*'s, and 3 mm magatamas
30 mm bugle beads (we are hand-sorting to ensure high quality)
Rose montees (4 mm -6.4 mm)
 Click here for a free bracelet tutorial using 4 mm montees


Congratulations! You are automatically enrolled.  There is no fee or membership required. You only need give us your name.  Every time your sales history reaches $100 you will receive a $10 gift card for Poppyfield Bead Company.   There are many benefits to this program over previous discount offers:  No membership dues to other organizations, everyone is eligible, all sales count towards the reward, and your sales accumulate over time.   We are hoping to begin our new program on Monday, June 10th.  Once we start up, this will be the only reward / discount plan.  We think you'll be very satisfied.  As usual, we are asking for your patience as we learn the new software that makes this program possible.  


Saturday 6/8   10 AM - 1 PM - Dancing Diamonds Rope (beaded kumihimo rope with Wendy Speare)
Saturday 6/15 10 AM - 1 PM - Dancing Diamonds Pendant (beautiful superduo star pendant with Wendy Speare
Saturday 7/13 10 AM - 1 PM - Peyote Premiere (flat peyote earrings and pendant with June Malone)

(Check the classes page in the header above for details)

If you've registered for these classes already, you are automatically re-registered.  Please do let us know if you can make it.  We will offer these again, to try to accommodate those of you who cannot make it to these dates.  If you registered before our accident, and would prefer a refund, I am happy to accommodate you, provided you have not received instructions.  

Hollywood Sparkle is tentatively slated for Monday evenings September 9th, 16th, and 23rd from 6-9 PM.  

My Magic Carpet Bracelet appears in the June 2013 Bead and Button Extra online for subscribers. There it is on the bottom left - renamed Diamond Odyssey by the editors.  Kits are available in both color ways shown for $28.50 plus tax and shipping.  Shoot me an email if you are interested.  

****REMEMBER*****  Monday is late night - we are open until 8 PM

Thanks again for "hanging in" with us.  Hope to see you soon!