Sunday, July 14, 2013

Going With The Flow

 Cheerful Studs Bracelet by Akke Jonkhof

Greetings Beady Friends!  Finally, I am back in front of my computer, eager to bring you news from Poppyfield Bead Company.  But, first, I feel I must catch you up.  Recently, I was in Israel with my children for two weeks.  For me, it was an intense, moving,  and sometimes painful and saddening experience.  While I came back eager to jump back into the beads and reconnect with you all, it has taken some time to absorb, process, and recover from my trip.  I also feel a bit battered by recent events in the news.  As I've discussed here before, my life has set me on a healing and spiritual path. So always, I ask myself what my pain and struggles can teach me.  For now the "divine download" seems to be "Go with flow, and respond towards well-being".  I have a feeling this one is going to serve me well every day.

Until yesterday, I've been very tired and having a hard time accomplishing what I intend and want to do.  The whip-cracking "shamer" in my head calls me "lazy".  But going with the flow means I allow myself to be just "tired", "jet lagged (9 time zones!)", and "emotionally exhausted".  "Responding towards well-being" means I ask myself what I need to be well.  Ummm????  My wise inner guide tells me "rest, peace of mind, healthy eating, light exercise, laughter, connect with people who love and care for me, tell the truth about how I feel, don't push myself."  It sounds simple, but for some of us, that prescription is not easily followed.  For me, it takes commitment and deliberate effort.  I have to say "no" to my natural tendencies many times a day.   But I see that after 10 days of doing just that, I am feeling better today.  So here I sit...sharing with you - and it feels just right.  Yay!!

Meanwhile, during all these days I've been "away" absolutely fabulous things have been happening at the shop.  Here's a partial run - down:

  • Bead Maps for Customer Use - Handy binders with the location of every tube of size 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads are now available.  They are easy to use and we'll show you how.  
  • June taught her first class!  - Peyote Premiere, an introduction to flat peyote stitch was a great hit. If you want to learn the ins and outs of peyote stitch while making fabulous beaded jewelery- stay tuned for June's upcoming classes.
  • "Cowgirl Dreams" color palette of new seed bead colors is here.  Lots of pinks and browns including a new metallic iris with pinks, golds, and browns.  Check out the "New Seed Bead" display for these and all our new colors.  
  • New Inventory of Czech Glass - round druk beads, fire polish, beautiful buttons
  • New Crystal Rose Montees
  • Diamondback Rope -   Wendy's got a new beaded kumi necklace she will teach in August
  • Classes scheduled through August and September - Click HERE for details -
Diamondback Rope and Reversible Pendant
by Wendy Speare


Akke Jonkhof is a beader and a blogger from the Netherlands, who invents wonderful patterns.  I discovered her work on and I've been following her there.  She loves 2-holed beads.  This is her hexagon bracelet with Super Duo's and size 11/0's.  The stud bracelet at the top of the blog is also hers (yes, we sell Czech glass studs).  Her patterns are available in English at very low prices on Etsy. Click HERE to go to Akke's tutorials for sale.  


Sylvia Abeyta, our wire warrior is back in action after her car accident.  Starting July 23rd you can come and learn, practice, share wire work ideas, and of course laugh with us in Studio Poppy.  It is free and you can bring whatever you'd like (including lunch).  We have tools, wire, and of course beads, if you need to purchase.  


Our new rewards program is running smoothly. Many of you have already claimed your first or second rewards cards.  There's no limit and no rush.  Our software keeps track of your purchases. Every time you reach $100 of accumulated sales you will receive a $10 gift card at your next visit.  (Please note: You can take as much time as you want to reach $100. But gift cards must be used during the calendar year they are received. ) 

  • More DELICAS  - the new "luminous" series is on its way to me.  Also more colors in 10/0's and 15/0's
  • New TILA colors
  • New 2-holed Czech-Mate tile beads
  • New spike beads (a new size) 
  • Our next "new" seed bead palette


My Light of the Soul Necklace is the centerfold project in the August issue of Bead and Button Magazine.  Yay to me this time.  Send me your beady achievements and I will brag for you here. Don't be shy...we all need to celebrate each other.  

Light of the Soul (Luz del Alma)
 by Julia Hecht