Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ebb and Flow

Margo Field's Floral Fantasy Class

Greetings Beady Friends!!  One month since my last post and I am a renewed woman! It is amazing how life ebbs and flows with ups and downs, struggles and ease.  We often think a difficult patch will end up being the rest of our lives.  But always, things change.  In the last month,  I have had a wonderful time reconnecting with y'all at the shop.  I was also able to take my children on a trip to New York to visit family.  I saw loads of my closest cousins, who I haven't seen in several years.  I even had the opportunity to reminisce about first grade with friends from that far back.  

 If you follow Poppyfield Bead Company on Facebook you know that while I was on this trip, I picked up over 30 pounds of unique and vintage beads. I got delayed at airport security in New York City because my bead-stuffed backpack was impenetrable on X-ray.  After being "swiped" for explosives, we were allowed through. But not before a long line of frustrated travelers formed behind me.   Less than 12 hours after my plane touched down in Albuquerque, I was hauling that pack over to the shop to start unpacking and drooling.  I am so excited to share these unique beads with you.  I discovered that I have purchased vintage Swarovski crystal under the older label DSW,  which date from before 1949 .  In addition,  I have teeny tiny 15/0 and 16/0  beads from "Czechoslovakia"(not Czech Republic) which are more than 20 years old.  Even some of these labelled 14/0 are smaller than a Japanese 15/0.  

I am rolling out the NEW BEADS as I get them inventoried.  Available now are: 

47ss Dentelles /Chatons

  • Vintage Czech 47ss  Dentelles/Chatons in Light Sapphire. These are approximately 10.5 mm faceted stones with a pointed back and a flat top.  They have a gold foil back and are in beautiful condition. I am selling packs of 4 stones for $3.50.  These are vintage and in limited supply. When they are gone, they're gone.  

  • Vintage Swarovski 18mm Margaritas in Crystal AB.  Big and beautiful and in perfect condition. I am selling these for $3.20 each.  These are also in limited supply and when they are gone...they're gone. 
Upcoming Classes 

Braider's Choice Beaded Kumi with Wendy Speare 
Tuesday - 8/20 - 6-9 PM $35
Dancing Diamonds Pendant with Wendy Speare 
Tuesday 8/27 - 6-9 PM $35
Diamondback Pendant with Wendy Speare 
Tuesday 9/3 - 6-9 PM $35
Hollywood Sparkle with Julia Hecht 
3 Mondays - 9/9, 9/16, 9/23 - 6-9 PM, $75
Peyote Premiere with June Malone
2 Tuesdays - 9/10 and 9/17 - 6-9 PM $55
Floral Fantasy with Margo Field 
3 Saturdays - 9/21, 9/28, 10/5 - 1-4 PM, $75

Click HERE for pics and details of classes

Save the date:  Free Class on Labor Day at noon!  
I will announce the project soon.  The shop will be open after the class at 2:00.  

Last Chance for Perlen Poesie Magazine orders!  

This is Europe's premiere beading magazine.  The current issue, No 18, will be available in English.  Previous issues are all in German with English translation inserts.  I am taking orders for No. 18, the current issue, and No. 17, the previous issue, which we missed after our crash.  They are $20 each, which is a low introductory price.  To place your order you must pay in advance.  

You can come by or call and pay with a credit card.   The order goes in on Wednesday, 8/14 at 5:30 when we close our doors.  Long distance customers can order and we will ship to you for an added charge.  


  •  Wireworkers of all levels meet at Studio Poppy in the shop every Tuesday from 1-3 PM. Come give it a try. It is FREE and FUN.  
  • Monday night is late night - We are open until 8:00 PM
Hope to see you soon!!!