Sunday, September 1, 2013

Be Your Own Clay

Greetings Beady Friends.  It has been a BUSY back to school season for me.  Both of my children started new schools and it has been a whirlwind for all of us.  At my daughter's "Back to School Night" on Thursday one of her teachers described a curriculum that the school is using to help the students identify aspects of character.  He mentioned grit, zest, self-control, and others.  But, not before saying, "We are already who we are, but the students are still forming and becoming who they are going to be." Really?  Yes, I understand what he meant about the students. But I wanted to say, "Umm, Teach, speak for yourself, because I am still forming."

Twelve years ago my life did seem set on a path.  I had completed many years of schooling and training and was enjoying a career as a pediatrician with a faculty position at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center and Medical Director of the New Mexico School for the Deaf.  My husband and I owned a house and because of our chosen careers, we were blessed with financial stability.  We had a social life with friends (many of whom were also physician couples).  We had a little boy,  and were planning and hoping for a second child.  We were, in my mind, "healthy, wealthy, and wise".  Perhaps, if all had continued along as such, I would have felt like this teacher claimed, "already who I was."

But,  in 2001, my life started to shift, like the inevitable slide of tectonic plates along fault lines.  It was one thing after another. I had a profound emotional reaction to the attack of September 11th that lasted for months.  I became pregnant and delivered a beautiful daughter. I was struck ill after her birth and was hospitalized.  Over months, I slowly recovered (discovering beads in the process). My husband became critically ill, and then, thankfully, recovered also.  I was forced to begin a process of healing that led to even more changes...divorce and the loss of my social world, lifestyle changes, leaving my medical career, buying Poppyfield Bead Company and learning a whole new business. Most recently,  it has been the end of a 9 year relationship, and now, adopting a dog.

The control and goal-oriented stability that characterized my earlier years before 2001, seem matched in degree to the upheaval and transformation of the the years that have followed.  If there is one thing that has been steady "post 2001", it has been Life pushing me to let go of my own ideas about myself.   At first, I envied, those I thought "had it all together":  Long term marriages where the couples raised their children in a single household.  Healthy people, without my particular issues.  My friends who are now seasoned, experienced and confident in careers they've had for 20 years.

Lately, there has been another shift for me.  Yes, I am beginning my 50th year, and on my own.  I am in a profession that I know little about.  I have health issues that demand my close attention to how I live and care for myself.  I realize now, that my particular path - the twisting, turning, rugged one, has been a beautiful life full of self discovery and interior adventures.  Letting go of who I have "thought I was" to just be the person I am meant to be, is a holy journey for me.  It is the only way I stay sane.  At times I am just empty, and at a loss.  I feel like a lump of clay, unformed and unfinished, wondering,  "Who am I?  What is next?"  "How do I do this?"  But then I open my mind to listen to my spirit.  This is my essence, my inner guide in this life.  For I am and must be, both the sculptor and the clay.  And then... I begin again.



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