Wednesday, October 2, 2013


We have so many wonderful new products just in and great classes scheduled! I easily get wrapped up in the excitement of it all.  Sometimes, I will find myself zooming to the store with a one-track mind.  I can become frustrated with whatever gets in my way.  Recently I was on San Mateo Boulevard heading south to the shop when I found myself stuck behind a bus in the right lane.  It stopped and I was forced to stop too.  Frustrated, I lamented my fate - wasn't this why I left New York City?  Grrrr.   As I sat there, a string of people climbed down the steps and headed on their way by foot.  Others were lining up to get on.  I noticed that some of these folks did not look so healthy or well-situated.   The bus pulled away from the curb and we proceeded on our way, me creeping along behind my ungainly leader.  Again, it stopped.  I sat in my air conditioned car, well-fed, and comfortable, and waited to head to my beautiful business.  This time I looked closely at the situation and I was suddenly grateful for all that I have and how blessed my life truly is.  I took a deep breath and felt my shoulders drop and my grip on the wheel loosen.  My whole body relaxed.  As the bus moved on down San Mateo Boulevard, I took my turn west towards Poppyfield Bead Company.  I was humbled, and at peace and no longer in my whipped-up frenzy.  

Nowadays when I find myself on the road, impatient and full of myself and how I NEED to get somewhere, I look for the nearest city bus.  I pull behind it and ride a few blocks - We stop, I breathe, and give thanks.  When I get my dose of humility,  find my center, and "chill out",  I patiently change lanes and move on with renewed calm and appreciation.  Sometimes, being stuck behind a bus is just what we need.    

That being said...Here's what's so exciting:


11/0  Delica Beads with a Permanent Galvinized Matte Finish - If you like our DF and PF series of seed beads, you'll love these new beads.  If you don't know what I am talking about, come on in and ask us.


These are two-holed concave lentils.  We have a great selection of colors to get you started including a gold dabbed light emerald, silver, matte copper, and turquoise picasso (and MORE).   You can see piggies in the inner round of embellishments, cupping other beads in this beautiful medallion found on a Hungarian bead blog   (  

A beautiful ring pattern using piggy beads called Piggy Linda  is available for purchase from Europe  HERE.  The pic is locked and can't be shared.  But you can see it on my Modern Beadwork board on Pinterest HERE.


These beads have a unique and brilliant finish.  They are not exactly my idea of pastel, but they are gorgeous nonetheless. They are begging to be used with Piggy Beads and Swarovski crystal pearls.  My wheels are spinning!

Day of the Dead Charms and Beads

Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet 
Free Class Offered

We have a great selection of these charms from a variety of fabricators.  Use basic wire work techniques to mix these with glass beads for a Day of the Dead treat.  If you need some guidance, sign up for our Day of the Dead Charm bracelet FREE class.  You must register to attend.  Check out the details HERE.


 Let It Snow by June Malone

Click HERE to see this amazing ornament class 
and our other October classes.  


Congratulations to 
  • Linda Hirtz for her blue ribbons at the NM State Fair. She took home 2 and a Best In Show.  Keep on Beading, Linda!
  • Bobbie Yoakum for her wonderful cat bracelet in Bead and Button Extra.  Yay Bobbie!  

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