Thursday, February 6, 2014

Leaping Forward

I don't understand those people who find a path and stay where they are headed.  They make life look so simple and straight forward.  And good for them, I say.  I am sure, in reality, they meet all kinds of obstacles and overcome all sorts of challenges.  I had planned such a life for myself, as well. But if you've followed this blog, you know bits and pieces of my story.  It is a twisting, turning story, full of ups and downs and sprinkled with a few crises here and there.  Nonetheless, it got me where I am today, and where I am is leaping forward.  (That is, when I am not taking a step back.)  

I've had to make big adjustments in my life, in order to remain here with you folks.  Everyday I continue to make adjustments.   I've explained that  I am on a healing path and that means I make choices for my wellness.  I used to resent that I cannot just blithely  "keep going" like other people can.  I have to "check in" with myself more than once a day.  Often, I detect that a small change is needed.   Sometimes I have to slow down, sometimes take action.  If I ignore the subtle messages, I get slammed.  Sometimes, then I need a big shift.  

How's it going? I am doing ok.  I am still here, both as a person, and as the Poppyfield Bead Company.  Have y'all noticed that the "beady environment" here in Albuquerque and Santa Fe is shifting and changing?  I know I can feel the energy in some of my customers.  Some bead shops are closing and there is shock, sadness, anxiety, and nostalgia.  Some other shops are carrying more products.  Some lower prices, others raise them.  Some niches, are becoming over exploited - lately it seems every where I turn someone is selling Japanese seed beads. Just my luck!  

As I've learned with my health, I am making adjustments.  Here is some of what you can expect to see in the coming months:

  • Expansion of Czech seed beads - we have 10/0's and 13/0 charlottes in more and more colors, and a few 11/0 one cuts.   Czech 12/0 tricuts are next
  • Expansion of Swarovski  - 4 mm bicones are now available in some usual colors such as Fire Opal AB, Heliotrope, Indian Sapphire and Red Topaz.  More colors are on the way, especially my favorites - anything double AB (AB2x).  Over time we will continue to expand in sizes and shapes, including more chatons, dentelles, and rivolis.  
  • Expansion of delicas - We know you love your delicas. We have hundreds of colors in 10/0's, 11/0's, 15/0s and 8/0 hexes. We plan to carry more and more.   
  • More patterns and kits for sale - Part of what makes us unique are the creative talents of the people who work here.  You'll see more of our patterns for sale, both as instructions and some with kits.  
  • Web Store -  Many people have asked and some have begged us to sell our products online.  So, I am going to give it a try.  We are renovating some of the space next store to run a webstore with online ordering and shipping.  We are shooting to go live  sometime this spring.  I'll be keeping you posted.  
What isn't changing?  
  • We will still seek the newest products - such as O Beads, Half Tilas, Super Uno's, Rizo's,  Rullas, Spikes, Studs, Thorns - we have all of the above in lots of colors. 
  • We will still carry the newest colors - such as Picasso hybrids, neons, and permanent frosted metallics, and whatever else is on the horizon.
  • The best selection of Japanese seed beads anywhere within hundreds of miles.   We are always getting  new colors!  So check out our "NEW SEED BEAD" table.  
  • We will still offer great customer service and help you become successful with bead and wire work.  
So come in on and leap forward with us!  We look forward to seeing you.  


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