Monday, October 6, 2014

All In Good Time

It is hard to believe four months have passed since my last post.  Of course, in all that time, much has happened.  We had a super Spring and Summer with our weekly Happy Hour every Friday.  There was so much great energy in the shop, and so many people working in the Studio.   We are kicking off a new Happy Hour season with my Day of the Dead Charm bracelet 10/17.  Click here for details about this class.    

The Day of the Dead Charm Bracelet
direct from the heart of New Mexico

I disappeared for about a month to recover from knee surgery.  It was a big deal and I learned a lot about patience, love, and accepting help.  I received cards and well wishes, and each one has meant a lot to me.  Today I am walking around and sometimes it doesn't hurt.  I work with a great team of physical therapists and my biggest problem is slowing down and not overdoing the exercise.  When I do, I end up back in bed, exhausted and in pain.  So I have had to learn to let it all happen in good time.  

I've also learned to stop fretting about timelines.  It seems that unforeseen obstacles appear whenever I become fixed on a deadline.  It is as if the Universe is telling me, "Stop it!  It is our schedule, not yours, you mere speck of a human."  So I can fight it and stress everyone out in the process, or I can relax into the reality that much is out of my control.  When I accept that, I am liberated to enjoy every sweet moment that is also truly occurring.  

Along those lines, I am happy to report that our webstore at is live.  I had planned for this to happen in March, and now it is October.  Getting it going has been challenging, frustrating, exciting and inspiring.  I gave up on my original timeline long ago.  It is live and you can definitely shop there online at any time of day or night.  It is still a work in progress.  For example,  you will notice that not all the categories listed are populated with products yet. That being said, we have a lot available online in the following categories:  CzechMate 2 hole beads (rullas, super duos, lentils, triangles), other Czech pressed glass such as O beads and rizos, and daggers, Swarovski rivolis and dentelles, and preciosa flat backs and banded rhinestones.  There are a lot of colors of  super nylon bead cord and a variety of charms, bracelet cuffs, AND more.   So look around.  Get familiar and watch our inventory grow!  Please note that it will be helpful to shop both using search for key words, as well as the drop down list under products.  There are still a few kinks we are working out, so please bear with us. Don't forget to read our terms carefully, as they differ from our in-store policies.