Monday, January 25, 2016

Roped In By Ropes

I am all about beaded ropes these days.  Several months ago, I happened upon the beaded crochet ropes of Brigitte Iländer, of Germany.  They are an amazing amalgam of color and pattern.  I quickly realized that there is a level of pattern control and possibility that I wanted to master.  I purchased her book and realized that I needed a primer on this technique before I could jump ahead.  I used Candace Sexton's book and DVD to teach myself the basics (available at Poppyfield).  And in true medical training fashion (see one - do one - teach one) I am ready to teach you all and bring you along on my bead crochet journey.    Saturday, Feb 20th, 1-4 PM you can learn the secrets of the bead crochet rope using size 8/0 seed beads.  
Intro to Bead Crochet - Tri Color Spiral Bracelet by Julia Hecht

This is just the beginning, though.  Here is a preview of Brigitte's patterns from her book:
Click here to purchase her book
As we continue on our adventure, I will be sharing how to read bead crochet patterns, and how to work with thinner thread / cord, and smaller beads.  I have worked some rope with 11/0's and although 8/0's are definitely the way to start, it is pretty exciting to go smaller.

Other Ropey Happenings

I am preparing for my Seeds of Change Necklace to appear in the next issue of Bead and Button (It will be called Springtime Garden in the magazine).  This is an embellished kumihimo rope that I created in 2014 and taught at the shop a number of times.  It uses 2 holed SuperDuos and 2 holed Lentils in the braided rope in order to create a foundation for embellishment.  I am getting some color ways together to sell on our webstore, for remote beaders who can't come in and select the components in person.  To start, there will be a Pacific Forest color way with blues and greens, and a Champagne Garden color way with pinks and greens.  

Seeds of Change / Springtime Garden Necklace - Original Color Way
If you want to join in the Kumi fun, you can learn the ropes (Ha!) with us on Feb 20th 10-noon (for brand new braiders), and then how to add beads to your braiding on March 5th 1-4.  You'll be all ready to make your own Springtime Garden necklace when the magazine arrives in March.  You can call the shop or come by in person to register and reserve your place.  

Braiding with Beads - Intro to Beaded Kumi
Sat, March 5th 1-4 PM