Friday, March 18, 2016

Bead Crochet Club - Support and Inspiration

Julia's Crochet Bracelet Pattern - Wrist with a Twist

Our introduction to crochet class was jam-packed.  It was a sold-out class and Wendy and I stuffed as much one on one instruction into those 3 hours, as seemed humanly possible.  It had taken me about a month of struggling with this new technique to be able to create something uniform and pretty.  So, I was clear that unlike most classes, where you can leave with the technique under your belt, this was just the beginning.  Now, we have the next phase of instruction to offer.  Beginning Monday, April 4th, our book club is on hold so we can begin our next FREE ongoing event: Bead Crochet Club.  Anyone who has some knowledge of bead crochet is welcome.   I will be present every Monday night for one on one time with anyone who wants to move forward with bead crochet.  It is a great opportunity to  see how others deal with the same challenges, and push past a stuck spot.  Exchange advice, ideas, techniques, pattern resources, or just sit and crochet away.  This does not take the place of an Intro to Bead Crochet class.  I will continue to offer those to get people started.  It is intended to create a community of support and inspiration in bead crochet.  Our book clubs have been so successful in providing both support with beading techniques and inspiration and encouragement in moving forward and taking your creativity to the next level.  I know that we can provide the same for bead crochet.  

The Wrist with a Twist pattern above is a minor variation on the 3 bead spiral.  It is a 6 around pattern and easy to work up.  You can see that I created a new way to finish, that is fully beaded and no end caps are needed.  These advances and variations are what you can get on Monday nights, in addition to help with techniques.  Our Monday night club is from 6-8 PM.  There is no charge and no registration.  Just show up.  As usual, we have bead mats and lighting.  Please feel free to bring your own beads and products or purchase with us.  There is no obligation on your part.  

Remember - in addition to our scheduled classes with tuition fees we have 3 FREE ongoing events every week:
Bead Crochet Club - Mondays 6-8 pm - beginning April 4th
Wire Meet Up Tuesday - 1-3 pm
Friday Happy Hour - 4:30-6 pm 

Hope to see you soon!