Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Lights

Holiday Lights Earrings by Julia Hecht

Who doesn't love the holiday lights that decorate the neighborhood this time of year?  They inspire my new design for Saturday's FREE WIRE CLASS.  This class will focus on wrapped loops for top drilled drops.  The technique builds on the basic wrapped loop which we covered during the last class.  It is helpful if you already know how to do a wrapped loop.  But all levels are welcome, including brand new beginners.  There will be a kit for all the metal components seen here:  sprockets, chain, jump rings,  brass wire and French earring wires.  The kit is $12, AND you get a $5 gift certificate with your kit that you can use towards anything in the store.  You buy your beads separately so that you can design your own color way.  You can even put together your own metal kit by choosing items a la carte.  I've got lots of filigrees, chain, and other components in other metals.   So don't feel confined to what I've used here.  Class is from 10:00-noon.  First come first served.  If you want a kit please call to purchase in advance, so we can get it made up for you.  If you a buy a kit, you are guaranteed a spot.  Click here for list of tools you will need.  The last free class was a great success.  (There are still a couple of kits left that can be purchased).  We had a lot of fun and everyone left happy.  Don't miss out this week! 

Other holiday items are now in stock.  We have metal and glass charms in Santas, snowmen, wreaths, trees, and more.  These are silver-plated with hand enameling. Some, like the tree have Swarovski elements.  Use them for a charm bracelet, earrings, or wear as a single pendant.  Mix with our other holiday charms.  

Spike Revival

I have a great supply of baby spikes these days...and we are busy getting them out on display.  The old favorites like Magic Blueberry and Cranberry Agate AB are back. Plus there are some GORGEOUS new ones like teal vitrail, turquoise, bronze iris, and more!!  Larger spike beads are still in stock as well.  Come Czech us out!

New 15/0 Czech Charlotte Colors

We 've now got an Apollo finish and a purple iris in the tiniest beads.  We are also carrying real gold, copper, nickel, and some metallic "look alikes".  

For All Your Holiday Needs:  
Think Poppyfield for gifts to make or buy!

OH, and please do check my previous post for some important information I've wanted to share with you.  

Hope to see you soon!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Making the Most of Scarce Cash

An Insider's Perspective...

I have a friend who always leaves unreasonably large tips at restaurants.  Why?  Because once upon a time, she was a waitress herself.  She knows how hard that job is, and how much those tips mean.  She has an insider’s perspective.  This year, as the holidays approach, I am appealing to you, with my insider’s perspective as a shopkeeper.   Please consider pledging to spend all your holiday dollars here, in our state of New Mexico.

Before I had the Poppyfield Bead Company I never thought about these things. Sure, I had heard, “buy local”  but I figured other more community-conscious people could do that.  I wanted speed, convenience, and the bargain.  In truth, I didn’t really understand the issue. I didn’t realize that when I spend money in town, that money does not just go to the pocket of that particular store owner.  That money moves. It circulates and magnifies and does a lot of good for a lot of New Mexicans.  

Let me explain how it works.  The money that is spent at Poppyfield Bead Company does not stay at Poppyfield.  First, about half of it goes back to my suppliers to buy more merchandise so the store can stay stocked. Sometimes, more goes out, as we grow and expand our inventory.  What happens to the rest of it is what is so essential to our community.  Your money goes to pay wages to my employees, who are your neighbors.  They live here and will spend their earnings here, which will support other businesses in our community.  They also care about YOU. They know YOUR NAME and want to help YOU leave satisfied and  make beautiful things.  But that’s off the point, and not about the local economy.  It is another issue for another day. I digress.
My landlord lives down the street from the store.  I pay my rent to him, and he in turn, spends the money in Albuquerque for his family’s needs.  I also pay Mike the Printer, and Randy who washes my windows.  These men work hard to make a living, and your “bead money” supports them and their honest work.  Dave the electrician  does my lighting, and repairs.  When my lightbulbs blow, I go to Voss Lighting, another local business to replace them.  When I need computer cables, of course I go next door to Hallmark.  The hooks, bags, and other plastic retail needs come from ManICan on Comanche.  Adrian is my handyman and I will soon be giving him some of your “bead money” as we enhance our displays.  He has 2 children and so your bead money will go to meeting their needs.  My ads are in Albuquerque Arts and IQ, two local publications that also benefit from my business.  Even when I spend profits, for example, to buy my professional wardrobe, the saleswoman - a very nice lady who has been on her feet all day and is still smiling, will get a commission.  The store where I shop and the tailor who hems my pants, will also benefit.  So does the nice young woman who cuts my hair.  Do you see now?   When you shop locally you are supporting all these people in your own community. They in turn survive and hopefully thrive, and pass on that money (your money) to others HERE in New Mexico...and so on, and so on, and so on.  

Now suppose you shop on the internet for your holiday gifts instead of a local shop...
If the business is out of state (which it is), your precious and scarce cash is going far away, and NEVER EVER coming back. When that business needs their windows cleaned (if they even have any windows), they aren’t paying Randy, or anyone else in New Mexico. Nor are they supporting your neighbors the printer, handyman, tailor, electrician, landlord, retail clothing store owner, or hair stylist. When any of us buy on the internet, we are actually taking our money out of our New Mexico economy and giving it to people who will use it to support THEIR local economy.   Something we, in New Mexico, cannot afford to do.  
Is the internet evil? Should you feel guilty?  Should you never shop on the internet?  NO, I am not suggesting any of those things.  I am simply asking you to think about where you are spending your money.  You worked hard for it.  There isn’t much of it these days.  If you have a choice,  please choose to help our state, and your neighbors.  Buy local, even if it isn’t the easiest or cheapest alternative.  

If we are not for New Mexico, who will be for us??

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kits and Colorways

Kits in 3 color-ways are now available for purchase for "A Little Romance" Chandelier Earrings Free Wire Class, this Saturday 11/17 at 10 AM - noon.  Click on the Free Wire Classes page in the header above to see more pics and get all the details about what's included in the kits and what tools you will need.  Call the store to buy your kit in advance.  I have room for 16 participants, and all are welcome on a first-come-first-served basis.  However, purchasing a kit in advance will guarantee you a space.  I will have kits available on the morning of the class.  And you may come as early as 9:30 AM.  (Please note: The store will not open for general shopping until noon.  We will focus on wrapped loops and incorporating chain into your designs.  With these skills and all the gorgeous beads out there... THE SKY'S THE LIMIT!  You will be able to give hand-made gifts galore this season. 

Hope to see you  Saturday!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Catching Up

Greetings Beady Friends.... It has been a while since my last post and even longer since my last email to my customers.  Thanks to those who were concerned about me. I have been fine but overly busy.  Wendy and I have been training June, our newest addition to the Poppyfield team.  Now that June is working independently I can get back to blogging and emailing to keep you all up to date about what's new at the shop.  

Margo's Rivoli Roundel

Right now we have a bunch of new learning opportunities.  Just up ahead is Margo's new Rivoli Roundels Necklace.  It is beautiful and unique and uses 3 rivolis that are just gorgeously embellished.  As I mentioned in the email, I had been blocked from sending the large customer emails - there are just so many of you now (YAY!!).  Although we did a little target email to Margo's past students, some of you may have been left out.  I apologize.  I am HAPPY to report that there are still available places in the class.  It is coming up soon... 3 Mondays:  Nov 12, 19, 26 6-9 PM $75.  It isn't too late... Call the shop or come by ASAP to register.  

Free Wire Classes 

A Little Romance

Just in time for you to make your holiday gifts.  Saturday, Nov 17th 10 AM - noon, I will be teaching A Little Romance - Chandelier Earrings.  This class is free, and I will have kits available for purchase.  Stay tuned for kit colors and prices.  
Saturday, December 1st 10 AM - noon another free wire class is planned.  So save the date!  I will be unveiling the design soon.  Stay tuned.  

Painted Roses

From Vintage to Modern -  COLORING METAL

Vintage brass does not mean dull and boring.  Vintaj Patina Pigments make it possible to permanently color oxidized brass.  No messy or toxic chemicals needed.  It is a simple as painting!  I have worked out a simple 3 step technique for creating these beautiful PAINTED ROSES.  We will have our first metal painting class on Saturday, December 1st  from  3-5 PM.  I will provide all materials and walk you through the process.  Everyone painted as a kid.  Bring that spirit back in this FUN class.  You will be able to complete a rose pendant in the class.  Class size will be limited to 6 students.  Don't miss out.  $40 including materials.  

Make your own gifts with our new findings (seen here)

Poppy Gallery

We are expanding our finished-work gallery for the gift giving season.  We now have silk scarves from local artist Bishop at Brave and Crazy Designs.  If you like extra sparkle, check out our crystal jewelry from Desert Gems, imported from Israel.  New felt bags from Nepal will be here soon.  We will continue to expand throughout the holiday season. Come and see how we blossom.  All finished work is returnable.  

Reaching Out

Now we are back on track with the emails.  I am working with a marketing company that offers mass emailing.  I am crafting the appearance and text of each email.  Please do let me know if you like them or want other info included.  The emails are my way to reach out to you, so help me to do it in a way that works for you.  

Customer Kudos - How Exciting

Jessica Dowell won a Gold Medal for Fire Mountain Gems seed bead jewelry contest in 2011.  Check out the back cover of the current issue of Beadwork to see her fabulous work of art.  

Bonnie Vigil has a design in the gallery section of Jill Wiseman's book on Beaded Ropes from Lark Books. We have this book in stock  - and it looks chock full of designs you'll want to try.  

Two of my own designs have been chosen for Bead and Button Magazine this summer. 

Let me know if you have work published and I'll post it here and brag for you.   

Hope To See You Soon

Peace and Beads